Getting Around on Two Wheels in Burbank, California

Burbank, California

You likely know that California is a gold mine for motorcycle adventures, but did you know you can enjoy these thrills even in the crowded cities in and around Los Angeles? If you’re interested in motorcycle rides in Burbank, California, look no further.

At Law Tigers, a national network of motorcycle lawyers, we love tearing up California roads just as much as you do, so below, we will talk about all of our favorite rides around Burbank. 

1. Pacific Coast Highway 1

If you search online for “motorcycle rides Burbank, California,” Highway 1 will likely reach the top of search results, and for a good reason. The notorious coastline-hugging Pacific Coast Highway 1 takes you through the infamous Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills before reaching the coast, where you can watch the long beach and endless ocean stretch into the horizon.

Make a pit stop at the Santa Monica Pier to ride the Pacific Wheel and cool down with a cone of ice cream. Highway 1 curves on for 127 miles, though you can enjoy any portion of it that you’d like. Travel beyond Malibu to avoid the crowds and traffic.

2. Los Angeles Crest Highway

Just a 20-minute drive from Los Angeles is the entrance to Highway 2, which leads to the Los Angeles Crest Highway. Snake through the San Gabriel Mountains, rip across sharp turns, and enjoy incredible ridgeline views from nearly 8,000 feet high. Try to take this 66-mile drive on weekdays to avoid traffic backups.

3. Mount Baldy

If you’re looking for an easy weekend drive, Mount Baldy will not disappoint. Drive into the Pasadena Mountains from Glendora Mountain Road, where you can enjoy a roller coaster of twists and turns until you reach the quaint mountain town with tons of shops and restaurants. Head back down on Mount Baldy Road for a more direct route.

4. Mulholland Highway and “The Snake”

Mulholland Highway, particularly “The Snake” section of the road, is excellent for thrill-seekers who want to tear down intense curves with jaw-dropping cliff-side views. Stop in at the Rock Store to spend time at the motorcycle-lovers’ hang out before heading to the most difficult part of the road—and be sure to hold on tight for a wild ride. As the most advanced drive on this list, we do not recommend “The Snake” for first-time riders.

5. Griffith Park Drive

For an easy, quick ride, head to Griffith Park, where you can experience a mountain drive in the city’s center. Drive through some serene greenery, an abandoned zoo, a historical statue, and an old western civilization. Enjoy a relaxing overlook point at the top before heading back down.

6. Malibu Canyon

Not only is the Malibu Canyon drive incredible, but even your journey to it from town offers outstanding views and fresh, coastal air. Once you reach the canyon, enjoy driving through luscious green mountain views and exhilarating tunnels.

7. San Gabriel Canyon Road

San Gabriel Canyon, or Azusa Canyon, runs through the Los Angeles National Forest to the Crystal Lake Recreation Area, where you can camp for the night to become one with nature. Along this drive, you can enjoy the unique landscapes of the San Gabriel Mountains.

We know you’ll find these motorcycle rides in Burbank, California incredible. At Law Tigers, we love riding  just as much as you do and we use our legal experience to protect your rights. Call us today at 1-(888) 863-7216 for a free case evaluation, no matter where in the U.S. you may be!