Getting Your Minnesota Motorcycle License

Minnesota Motorcycle License, Basic Rider Course

If you live in Minnesota and want to start riding, you will need to get a motorcycle endorsement. The process for getting your Minnesota motorcycle license requires you to first get a permit before applying for the endorsement.

Get Your Motorcycle Permit

Riders of any age in Minnesota must first apply for a motorcycle permit. If you are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or hold a valid visa and you’re a resident of Minnesota with a Minnesota driver’s license, you can apply for your motorcycle permit with:

  • Valid primary and secondary identification documents
  • Proof of citizenship, permanent residence, or lawful admission to the U.S.
  • Basic Rider Course certificate (if under 18 years of age)

Riders must be at least 16 years of age with a valid Minnesota driver’s license before applying for their motorcycle permit. Additionally, if riders are under 18 years old, they must complete the Basic Rider Course before applying for their motorcycle permit.

To apply, have your documents ready and visit an exam station. You must complete a vision screening exam and a written exam. Once you pass, you can complete your application and pay the fee for your motorcycle permit.

Getting Your Minnesota Motorcycle License Endorsement

After obtaining your permit, you can take the next steps in getting your Minnesota motorcycle license endorsement. If you are over 18 years old, you can either pass a motorcycle skills test to prove your riding skills on the road or you can waive the test requirement after completing a Basic Rider Course.

To emphasize safety among younger riders who often take more risks, the state requires that riders under 18 take the Basic Rider Course and the motorcycle skills test.

Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is a requirement for all riders under the age of 18. The course requires 100% attendance, and you must pass the BRC motorcycle skills test at the end of the course for certification.

Riders over 18 may take the BRC to waive the road skills test requirement to get their motorcycle endorsement. Riders with BRC certification may also see other benefits, such as motorcycle insurance rate discounts.

License Renewal

Your M endorsement on your driver’s license only requires renewal when you need a driver’s license renewal. You do not need to re-test for your M endorsement.

Other Laws to Know about Riding in Minnesota

Riders should know these other laws when riding in Minnesota:

  • Permitted riders (any age) and riders under 18 must wear a DOT-approved helmet.
  • All riders must wear appropriate eye protection, such as goggles, safety glasses, or face shields. Windshields are not appropriate eye protection.
  • Permitted riders may not carry passengers, ride on an interstate highway, or ride at night.
  • Riders must register scooters with 55cc engines or larger as a motorcycle.
  • Riders must register scooters with speeds over 30 mph as a motorcycle.
  • Riders do not carry coverage under their car insurance policies and must get separate motorcycle insurance with bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

You must have a permit or motorcycle endorsement to ride a motorcycle in Minnesota. If caught riding without the appropriate documents, you face up to 90 days in jail, a fine of $1,000, and impounding of your motorcycle.

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