Getting Your Oklahoma Motorcycle License

Oklahoma motorcycle license test

If you live in Oklahoma and want to ride a motorcycle, you’ll need an Oklahoma motorcycle license. Each state has its own requirements and processes for obtaining a motorcycle license. Understanding Oklahoma’s unique licensing process can help you prepare for your license and remain compliant with state laws. 

Read on to learn what you need to know about getting your Oklahoma motorcycle license. 

Steps to Receive a Motorcycle Endorsement

In Oklahoma, you must have a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle license to operate a motorcycle legally. As a result, having a traditional driver’s license is not enough to ride a motorcycle in the state. 

The endorsement process involves a written exam and an on-bike riding test. The written exam will test your knowledge of motorcycle laws and navigation processes. Meanwhile, the on-bike skills test will showcase your ability to operate a motorcycle safely and according to traffic laws. 

You will also need to pass a vision test to obtain a motorcycle license. 

Once you complete the written exam, you can receive a temporary permit before getting your Oklahoma motorcycle license. However, obtaining a permit is optional if you are 18 or older. 

Be sure to bring the following paperwork with you to your license test:

  • A birth certificate
  • A driver’s license or permit, if you have one
  • A military I.D. card, if you have one
  • A marriage certificate or other documents that verify your legal name
  • Records showing you passed a motorcycle safety course, if applicable
  • Valid proof of motorcycle liability insurance

You must also provide your Social Security Number when applying for a license. Additionally, if the motorcycle that you are taking the test on does not have a windshield, you must wear goggles or a face shield during your test. 

Riders Between 14 and 16

Riders between the ages of 14 and 16 must complete additional steps to ride a motorcycle in Oklahoma. First, they must take a state-approved motorcycle riding skills class. Then, they must take a written exam to receive a learner’s permit. 

Once they receive a permit, they must wait at least 30 days before applying for a full motorcycle license. Riders between 14 and 16 can obtain a motorcycle-only license, which allows them to ride a motorcycle but not drive a car. 

Riders Between 16 and 18

Riders between the ages of 16 and 18 can receive a motorcycle endorsement on a driver’s license. However, they must meet school enrollment requirements and complete a motorcycle riding course before taking the written exam. They must also have a legal guardian present during the test. 

Preparing for the Written Exam

All Oklahoma residents must take knowledge exams before operating their motorcycles on the road. You can prepare for this written exam by taking practice tests online and reading the Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

In Oklahoma, you can choose to take a motorcycle safety course instead of the on-bike skills test at the DMV. Many riders opt to take a class because it provides more comprehensive riding instructions than they can receive from simply reading a booklet. 

You can find state-registered motorcycle safety courses throughout Oklahoma. These courses typically take place in a classroom setting and include hands-on motorcycle training. At the end of a course, you must take a test with an instructor to pass the class. 

Once you pass a motorcycle safety course, you will receive a waiver for the on-skills riding that is a requirement for getting your Oklahoma motorcycle license. 

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