Great Rides in and Around Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach California view from the sky

Many bikers know California as the homeland for exhilarating and beautiful motorcycle rides, but did you know that you can enjoy many of these routes without traveling far from Southern California? When it comes to Newport Beach, you’ll find there are a lot of options. So, how can you tell which routes are worth your time?

At Law Tigers, your trusted nationwide motorcycle lawyers, we want to help keep you informed on all the different ways you can safely have fun on your bike. Below, we share some of our favorite rides around the Newport Beach area so you can save time searching and gear up!

1. Ortega Highway

The most intense strip of the Ortega Highway runs for 32 miles through fierce curves, cascading mountain views, vast valleys, and some motorcycle-friendly restaurants and watering holes. Rip through turns as tight as 180 degrees as you head through San Juan Capistrano, Lake Elsinore, and the Cleveland National Forest.

2. Big Bear Lake Loop

Beginning in Highland, take Highway 18 until you reach the Big Bear Lake Loop. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, enjoy intense speeds, heart-pounding turns, breathtaking lake views, tasty eats, friendly accommodations, and convenient gas stations. Head around the back of the lake for pictures of the San Bernardino National Forest.

3. Hemet to Idyllwild

As you head from Hemet to Idyllwild via CA-74, CA-243, I-10, and CA-79, you can enjoy a mostly two-lane road with a rollercoaster of twists at 6,000 feet high. At this altitude, take in the scenic views from Mt. San Jacinto. Be sure to drive cautiously during hazardous weather as this road is quite challenging.

4. Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway will surely arrive near the top of any search results, and it’s a route not to miss. As one of the most infamous drives in California, this cliff- and coast-hugging highway stretches along nearly 700 miles of the state’s coastline, offering incredible views along the way.

We recommend starting in Capistrano Beach and heading to Crystal Cove State Park to enjoy one of the better portions of the route that just happens to be a short drive from Orange County.

5. Rim of the World Highway

As the name suggests, The Rim of the World Highway allows you to drive right on the edge of a steep mountainside so you can feel like your bike is zooming across the edge of the planet. For 37 miles, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime views before heading down to a few different towns that connect to additional drives on our list.

6. Joshua Tree

Many Newport Beach residents consider Joshua Tree the perfect desert oasis weekend getaway, though many don’t realize how much incredible motorcycle driving it offers. Enter Joshua Tree National Park from Palm Springs, where you can ride through vast, open deserts, enjoy otherworldly rock formations, and gape at the famous ancient trees. To gain some elevation, drive up to Keys View for sunset. 

7. Palos Verdes Peninsula Tour

If thrill isn’t your game, don’t worry: we have a tamer option as well. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Tour offers a calm and relaxing ride along the shore with picturesque ocean views and gentle curves. You can see cliffs in the distance on clear days—and sometimes, Catalina Island comes into view.

Protect Your Rights as a Rider 

Now that you know all of the best motorcycle rides in Newport Beach, it’s time to have fun and stay safe on your trip. If you find yourself in an accident, stay safe and call on us at Law Tigers to represent your legal case. At Law Tigers, we want to use our passion for bikes and knowledge of the law to help you protect your rights. Call us today at +1 (888) 863-7216 for a free case evaluation, no matter where in the U.S. you live!