Haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach

Haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach

Are you ready for the scare of a lifetime? America is full of paranormal activity, but haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach is one of the most notorious spots for ghost sightings. The treacherous road has claimed the lives of many victims in car accidents, and rumors abound regarding the presence of spirits and ghosts in the area. In fact, some locals who have experienced supernatural occurrences on Elbow Road refuse to drive on it anymore, even in the daylight.

If you’re considering a road trip to haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach or you’re just curious to learn more about the area’s history and spooky legends, we’ve got all the facts right here.

The Hazards of Elbow Road in Virginia Beach

One reason behind the hauntings of Elbow Road is the unusually high number of car accidents and fatal crashes that occur there. The curvy, narrow road twists and turns around Stumpy Lake between Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, making it a risky drive even under the best conditions. Even after the town shut down the road in 2016 and updated it—adding shoulders and widening lanes—it’s still unusually hazardous for drivers.

The Ghosts of Haunted Elbow Road

Elbow Road’s narrow, twisting lanes are a significant contributing factor to the many car accidents that occur there. However, many believe that ghosts haunting Elbow Road are also to blame. While you may see any number of spirits lurking along the sides of Elbow Road, two of the most famous are Mrs.Woble’s ghost and the Drowned Girl.

The Little Drowned Girl

The first legend of Elbow Road is that of the Little Drowned Girl, who perished in a lake somewhere off the main road. While stories never specify when she drowned, a name, or the lake where she met her watery end, this local urban legend is alive and well. If you’re riding along Elbow Road at night and park on the side of the road, you could encounter the Drowned Girl.

Get off your bike and wait: you might just see the telltale wet footprints of a little girl walking toward you. Of course, you shouldn’t park on the side of the road at night for safety reasons, but it’s still a spooky story!

The Ghost of Mrs. Woble

The next spirit you could encounter on haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach is the ghost of Mrs. Woble. She once lived near one of the sharpest curves on Elbow Road, but she didn’t die in an accident. Instead, the legend says that she was the victim of a brutal murder. After she went missing, police searched for her. While they didn’t find her body, they did find her house wrecked and covered in blood.

Locals will tell you that when you drive along Elbow Road at night, you’ll see the blood-spattered ghost of Mrs. Woble wandering along the edge of the woods. While this makes a great story, it’s likely just that: fiction. Spell “Woble” backward, and you get Elbow—a suspicious coincidence.

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If you’re going to take a trip down haunted Elbow Road in Virginia Beach, don’t forget to bring your camera in case you encounter the spirit of Mrs. Woble or the ghost of the little Drowned Girl. While urban legends are fun, please remember that Elbow Road is dangerous and causes frequent accidents.

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