How Do I Get My Nevada Motorcycle License?

Motorcyclist doing motorcycle training in front of his instructor

If you’re considering getting a motorcycle license in Nevada, you should understand the state’s unique licensing processes. You will need to complete a few steps before you can obtain your license. Additionally, your age and current license status can impact the measures you need to take. 

In Nevada, you must obtain a Class M driver’s license to ride a motorcycle without restrictions. Read on to learn how to get a Nevada motorcycle license. 

1. Determine Whether You Need a Permit

Motorcycle riders under age 18 must obtain a motorcycle instruction permit as part of the licensing process. They must hold this permit for at least six months before they can get a license. 

Riders under 18 must also:

  • Complete 50 hours of supervised motorcycle experience
  • Take a motorcycle safety course

If no course is available within 30 miles of their residence, underaged riders may complete an additional 50 hours of motorcycle experience instead. 

If you are 18 or older, you do not need to obtain a permit before beginning the licensing process. However, you can choose to obtain a permit if you do not wish to complete a motorcycle safety course. 

2a. Consider a Motorcycle Safety Course

The Nevada motorcycle license process involves two steps: a written test and a skills test. However, you can waive both of these requirements by completing a safety course certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

Taking a motorcycle safety course offers numerous benefits. These courses can teach you everything you need to know about operating a motorcycle safely and predictably. They can also give you hands-on experience to ensure that you’re ready to obtain your license. 

You can find motorcycle safety courses through Nevada colleges and motorcycle dealerships across the state. Many of these courses allow you to borrow a motorcycle, saving you the hassle of getting a bike to the DMV to take your exam. 

Step 2b: Take the Tests

If you decide not to take a motorcycle safety course, you’ll need to take a written and skills exam through the Nevada DMV. Be sure to bring proof of identity to the exam. If you do not have a Class C license, you’ll also need to take a written exam to obtain this license. 

You must first pass the written knowledge test prior to scheduling the skills exam. While some DMVs accept walk-ins, most require you to schedule your skills test in advance. You can schedule online or call a participating DMV to make an appointment. 

If you fail a motorcycle skills test twice, you will need to take a motorcycle safety course to obtain your Class M license. 

Step 3: Understand Class M Restrictions

The type of motorcycle you take your skills test on will affect your motorcycle license restrictions. 

Specifically, if you use a motorcycle of less than 90cc for your skills exam, your license will contain a restriction for these types of motorcycles. 

Step 4: Register Your Motorcycle

If you have not yet registered your motorcycle, you’ll need to do so before you can begin riding it with your license. Motorcycles are subject to the same registration guidelines as other vehicles. 

If you purchased your bike through a Nevada dealership, you can register it online rather than visiting the DMV. Additionally, motorcycles do not have to pass emission inspections for registration. 

You’ll need to pay a $6 motorcycle registration fee, which will go toward rider safety programs throughout the state. 

Never Ride Alone with Law Tigers

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