How Many Motorcycle Accidents are Caused by Grass in the Road?

More Than You Might Think!

People who ride motorcycles face a higher risk of getting into fatal accidents. An animal crossing the road or a careless driver can put motorcycle riders in dangerous situations. However, did you know that grass clippings laying on the road can also cause motorcycle crashes? 

It may surprise you to learn how many motorcycle accidents grass on the road can cause. We’ve researched the facts behind one of the lesser-known causes of motorcycle fatalities. Read on to learn more from our team at Law Tigers Motorcycle Lawyers.

How Does Grass on the Road Kill Motorcyclists?

The two-wheeler concept represents an inherent safety weakness in the motorcycle’s design. A bike needs to maintain constant contact with the ground to remain upright. Bad weather conditions do not offer much help with traction, and worn-out tires can aggravate the problem. 

Many experts consider freshly cut grass clippings as hazardous as sand, gravel, or similar substances. Grass clippings act almost like sheets of ice when strewn or blown onto a paved road. Water constitutes for up to 80% of grass, causing it to become extremely slippery under pressure. Wet grass clippings after light showers can make things even worse. 

Grass clippings on roads reduce a motorcycle’s traction and can lead to a loss of control for the driver. A biker traveling at high speeds may fail to see these clippings in time, resulting in a motorcycle crash.

Grass Clippings and State Laws

Many homeowners and landscapers stand guilty of allowing grass clippings to make their way onto the road at some point while mowing our lawns. A large portion of the general public  remains unaware of the risks of leaving grass clippings in the road. 

New York State law deems it illegal to leave grass on roads any injurious substances that can result in accidents. The law requires homeowners to remove any clippings that end up on the road as quickly as possible. 

In 2013, an Illinois man who left grass clippings on the road faced accusations of causing a motorcycle accident. Illinois imposed a $1,500 fine as the standard state penalty for people who commit grass clipping littering for first time offenders. 

The state of Tennessee does not mention any specific laws regarding grass clippings. However, its law addresses general littering, and grass clippings fall under this law. In fact, most U.S. states impose penalties to address the issue of littering.

How to Prevent Grass Clippings from Causing Accidents

Most people do not leave out grass clippings with the intent to cause an accident, but the threat to motorcyclists always exists. So as a homeowner or business owner, how do you prevent these accidents from occurring? 

Preventing your lawn’s grass clippings from ending up on the road is easy. One thing you can do involves mowing the grass closest to the road last. Also, you should position the mower chute to blow the grass clippings onto your lawn instead of the road.

How to Dispose of Grass Clippings

Many lawn care specialists suggest leaving grass clippings to decompose on your lawn. The practice offers several benefits that would otherwise blow away in the wind. For one, it ensures a healthier lawn because the clippings act as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your lawn. 

You can also use alternative disposal methods if you prefer keeping your lawn free of grass clippings. Try utilizing the clippings as garden bed mulch or animal feed. You can also dump them in compost pits or put them in a green recycling bin. 

All Americans need to understand that leaving grass clippings in the road can get them in trouble as they pose a safety risk to drivers. Depending on where you live, the law may hold you criminally and civilly responsible for any accidents that you cause by allowing your grass clippings to accumulate on a road. 

Make sure your gardening help does not throw the grass clippings onto the street. As the owner of your property, the law will hold you accountable for any accidents that occur.

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