How To Customize Your Bike for Montana’s Climate and Terrain

Customize Bike in Montana

If you live in Montana and want to plan a custom bike upgrade, consider the environment where you live and ride. Montana offers a vast array of terrain and weather types to consider while riding. You don’t want to think of these things for the first time sitting on your recently upgraded bike. Instead, plan your motorcycle customization for Montana weather and terrain.

What To Consider for Bike Customization

You need to plan for your bike to be able to handle whatever Montana throws at it. This can include sudden temperature changes, arid summers, and snowy winters (with heavier snow in the mountains). You also need to consider changes in elevation between driving in the flatter plains of eastern Montana and riding through mountains and valleys in western Montana.

Terrain and Weather Conditions in Montana

Eastern Montana has extremely cold winters and warm summers in a semi-arid climate. By contrast, western Montana is much colder because of the Rocky Mountains.

However, Chinook winds originating over the Rockies can rapidly warm the air descending to the high plains. The most rapid temperature change in U.S. history occurred on January 11, 1980, at Great Falls International Airport when the temperature rose 47°F in seven minutes (-32°F to 15°F).

Temperatures can also fall quickly the higher you rise in elevation. Montana holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in the continental U.S. at -70°F on January 20, 1954, on the Continental Divide at Rogers Pass.

Customizations for Your Motorcycle

So, how do you plan motorcycle customization for Montana? Your first concern should be safety. You want to prepare for sudden weather changes and predictable seasonal patterns alike. Second, consider comfort. Whether you just ride for weekend cruises or use your motorcycle as your main means of transportation, your comfort is important when sitting on your bike for extended periods.

Finally, you still want your motorcycle to look good. Ensure your colors and finishes match or complement your bike’s other colors and textures. Whether you get your bike done at a custom builder’s shop or upgrade your ride yourself, consider the following areas to customize first.

Always Have Fresh Tires

Tires help you maintain traction on slick or dusty roads. While all-weather tires are appropriate most of the year, you may need different tires for an adventure bike than a touring bike. Classic bikes also require different tires to fit the narrower wheels that were popular back then. Beware of older stiff tires, and replace tires frequently so they can stop when you put on the brakes no matter the weather.


Seats can wear out over time and may not offer the best positioning for how you prefer to ride your bike. A new motorcycle seat improves height, ride position, and comfort, so you can ride your motorcycle for longer periods with fewer stops to stretch. You can also add a seat with a backrest for improved lumbar support and less risk of straining your back on long rides.

Foot Pegs

Foot position is also important to ensure a comfortable ride. You can replace your foot pegs for a better riding position, enhancing your boot grip in snowy or wet conditions so your feet don’t slip off the pegs.

Adjustable Levers

Having a good grip on the clutch and brake is important for safe riding. You can adjust the levers or handlebars for a more comfortable and effective grip.

Motorcycle Accident in Montana? Call Law Tigers

Consider the multitude of factors when planning motorcycle customization for Montana. Failure to do so could result in an accident. If you’ve suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, call Law Tigers. We’re attorneys who ride, and we represent bikers in injury claims. Call us today at 888-863-7216 for a free case evaluation.