How to Find Motorcycle Events in Your Area

Spring is just around the corner.

Finding Motorcycle events in your area

Riding season is just around the corner and with it comes events and rides of all sorts in communities all across this great country. We’ll give you 4 good online resources to find the events that best suit your interest and/or geography so you can get in on the action!

Law Tigers Calendars

For local and national motorcycle events, the Law Tigers’ Facebook calendars are an excellent source. They have an extensive network of contacts that keep the local calendars updated frequently so you’re sure to find weekly activities to share in the love of two wheels in your neighborhood. Find an event for this week! Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Utah Nationwide.

This is a great place to start looking as it breaks down your search into two categories; the first being which region of the country you live in and then by state.  Once in, you need only to click it and it will list upcoming events throughout your state. However, it doesn’t seem to include local bike nights, so check with a local-based resource like our next suggestion.

A great local resource, you just plug your ZIP code into the search bar and it will locate meet up groups in your area. Meet up groups are awesome because all you have to do is show up and you will likely meet other likeminded bikers who will ride with you, and maybe share some information on other events happening near you. The frequency of updates and correct information depends on how much time the organizer puts into it, so results vary.

Here you can find upcoming events from across the country occurring in the next few days, or check out the online calendar that you can use to find events that suit you.  On top of that, it has “billboard events” which are some of the biggest upcoming events from around the country. Overall it’s a great tool!

Don’t forget just being active in your own community. Talk to other riders, see if they know of any upcoming events, or if they have plans to check out a show or rally at some point later on in the year.  They may know of some shows or rides that haven’t made it to the mainstream!

So keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for any rumblings of upcoming events or rallies.  They’re just around the corner!

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Author: Joel Martin & Matt Goettsch