How To Raise Money for Charity With Motorcycle Events

Raise Money for Charity Events

What better way to raise money for charity than organizing a motorcycle event? Not only are motorcycle fundraisers a lot of fun, but they are also surprisingly effective at rallying support for worthy causes. Plus, biker rallies can be a real boon for local businesses.

That said, charity events aren’t for the faint of heart. Thorough research and preparation are essential, as you’ll have to navigate many legal and logistical pitfalls. Read on to learn our road-tested tips on how to raise money for charity with motorcycle events.

Focus on One Cause

Pick one charitable cause that’s close to your heart — whether it’s raising awareness for breast cancer or supporting disabled veterans — and focus your marketing and fundraising efforts on it exclusively.

This way, your campaign will project a clear message and have a larger financial impact, especially if you plan to make your rally a recurring event. If you try to juggle a few different causes, you’ll likely spread yourself too thin to make a real difference.

Choose an Official Charity

If you’re serious about your cause, consider choosing a legally recognized charity — also known as a 501(c)3 organization. Alternatively, consider registering your motorcycle club as a nonprofit organization.

A 501(c)3 designation makes it significantly easier to raise money for charity with motorcycle events. For one, it will boost your credibility and can help win the trust of the local community. Your donors will also be able to deduct donations on their individual tax returns. Crucially, a formal charity status is a must if you’re looking to secure a corporate sponsorship.

However, keep in mind you’ll need to file a separate tax return for your organization and report all donations to the IRS.

Do Your Research on the Venue

Study the map of the local area carefully, especially if you’re organizing a motorcycle rally or poker run. You want to plan the route well in advance, including the starting and final points plus any gas or bathroom breaks.

Don’t forget to check whether you should notify law enforcement and apply for permits from local authorities. Depending on the locality, there may be permit requirements not just for the ride itself but also for the participating vendors.

Recruit Help

A motorcycle event isn’t a one-person job. You’ll need helping hands at every turn — from planning and organizing the event to cleaning up afterwards.

There are many ways to recruit helpers and volunteers. You could tap into your personal network, reach out to motorcycle clubs in the area, post on social media, and so forth. Remember, non-riders can play an active role as well, such as assisting on the day of the event.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning the route in advance isn’t enough. You must also know the number of motorcyclists that will ride and, ideally, the overall number of attendees.

This is critical as larger events will require more stops and space and potentially more permits. You may also require law enforcement to assist the riders as they pass through heavy-traffic areas.

Ride Safe with Law Tigers

Ensuring the safety of both riders and spectators is crucial if you’re looking to raise money for charity with motorcycle events. But accidents can happen even at well-organized events. That’s where we come in.

If you’re injured on the road, call the Law Tigers team at +1 (888) 863-7216. We’ll connect you with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who will explain your legal options and advise whether you’re eligible for compensation.