How to Start a Motorcycle Club

motorcycle club gathering

One of the most enjoyable aspects of riding a motorcycle is the community that comes with it. Going on group rides, meeting riders at a popular biker bar, and participating in poker runs can bring an air of community to your favorite hobby and allow you to meet bikers like you. 

However, if you’re having trouble finding other like-minded riders in your area, you may be feeling a little discouraged. One surefire way to get to know motorcyclists nearby is to start a motorcycle club. 

Starting a new club can feel daunting, but it may be easier than you think. Read on to learn how to start a motorcycle club. 

6 Steps to Start a Motorcycle Club

1. Work Out the Details

Before you can effectively start a new club, you’ll need to work out a few details about what it will look like and how it will operate. Of course, these plans may change as you add members and receive input from other riders. However, in order to convince anyone to join your club, you’ll need at least a basic idea of what the club will be like. 

You can begin by jotting down the answers to these questions: 

  • Where will the club meet?
  • How often will you hold meetings?
  • Who can join? Ex: motorcyclists, their spouses, former riders, etc. 
  • What types of activities will you do? 
  • Will your club have a charitable focus? 

Answering these questions can help you know the best ways to move forward with your club and give you some ground rules to shape your club creation. 

2. Develop a Club Mission

Along with figuring out the initial details of your club, you should also spend time determining a club mission. For example, many motorcycle clubs have a charitable focus, such as raising money for fellow bikers involved in accidents. Others simply have the goal of connecting bikers in their geographical area. 

Once you determine the mission or goal behind your club, you should create a one-line mission statement to share with potential members. Mission statements are action-based statements that include your motorcycle club’s purpose, values, and goals. 

3. Create Your Branding

Next, you’ll need to create some branding surrounding your motorcycle club. Developing a club name and logo can help your club look more official and give you information to include in your advertisements. 

Your club name should be relevant to your club’s mission and include important details about the group. For example, you may want to feature your city name and the phrase “Bikers” or “Motorcyclists.”

Once you decide on a name, you can create a simple logo using a program like Canva or Photoshop. You can also consider hiring a professional graphic designer to make one for you. 

4. Advertise

Once you have all of your club details worked out, you can begin advertising your club. We recommend making posters to hang in biker bars and local biker hangout spots in your area. You can also promote “through the grapevine” by telling fellow biker enthusiasts to spread the word to their buddies. 

Additionally, if you have Facebook, you can create a Facebook page to advertise your club. Then, anyone interested in joining can “like” the page, allowing them to see any news or other information you post. 

5. Hold Your First Meeting

Finally, you can hold your first club meeting with all of the new attendees. Don’t be discouraged if only a few club members show up to the first gathering. Building a large, renowned biker club takes time, but you’re off to a good start. 

Now that you know how to start a motorcycle club, you can begin forming friendships with bikers in your area and experience all that the motorcycle community has to offer.

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