Idaho’s Owyhee Motorcycle Club Is Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Owyhee Motorcycle Club Historic Place in Idaho

Visit the Owyhee Motorcycle Club Historic Place in Idaho. The National Register of Historic Places designated the club on its register in 2022. It became the first motorcycle club in the country to receive the honor after operating continuously in Idaho since 1935 and from the exact location since 1946. 

The designation recognizes the club’s long-standing commitment to the area and the sport. The club is steeped in history and has hosted many famous races and Hall-of-Fame racers. In addition, the club remains a top motorcycle racing track in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. 

If you are interested in visiting the club and riding its famed track along the Boise foothills, read on to learn all you need to know about Owyhee Motorcycle Club Historic Place in Idaho.

Owyhee Motorcycle Club

The Owyhee Motorcycle Club, originally called the Western Ramblers Club, has been continuously active in the Boise foothills of Idaho since 1935. The club was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit in 1940 under its current name.

At the time, there were three motorcycle clubs in Idaho. Today only the Owyhee Motorcycle Club remains. 

OMC chartered with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), becoming the first club to do so in Idaho. Today it is recognized by the AMA as a historic chartered club.

OMC purchased 80 acres of land in the Boise foothills in 1946. Those 80 acres remain the home of the OMC club and track to this day. The club is raising funds to repair damage to the land caused by erosion. 

The first American rider to beat the Europeans in a race happened fifty years ago when Gary Jones did it on this track. In addition to Gary Jones, the OMC has hosted AMA Hall of Fame racers such as Bob Hannah, Mert Lawwill, Broc Glover, and Roger DeCoster. 

OMC remains an Idaho 501(c)(4) all-volunteer organization. It has 200 active member families. 

Owyhee Motorcycle Club Historic Place in Idaho

The nearby Firebird Raceway inspired the OMC because it received the honor of a listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 2019. OMC decided it wanted to become the first motorcycle club in the country listed on the NHRP, and Firebird Raceway assisted. 

After a three-year process, news came that the Owyhee Motorcycle Club received designation on the National Register of Historic Places. The Idaho State Historic Preservation Office, which administers the NRHP, also helped with the approval process noting that OMC makes significant contributions to the development of the sport and its long history at one location reflects the growth of motorcycling over the last eight decades. 

Members of the Owyhee Motorcycle Club are honored by the designation in the NRHP and hope it will help them thrive in the coming years and expose countless more to the thrills of off-road racing. If you get the chance, visit the Owyhee Motorcycle Club Historic Place in Idaho.

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