Last Brass Monkey Event for Colorado Motorcyclists

The 34th Annual Colorado Last Brass Monkey Run

Colorado riders are blessed with an abundance of fantastic motorcycle routes, ranging from the open road to breathtaking stretches of switchbacks in the Rocky Mountains. What makes the state so special is its friendliness, and motorcyclists are sure to find plenty of amenities on and off the road.

The 34th Annual Colorado Last Brass Monkey Run this year on New Year’s Eve day is a premier event for ABATE (American Bikers Aiming Towards Education) of Colorado and will get you in touch with like-minded bikers while guaranteeing plenty of fun.  

Event Details

The 35th Annual Last Brass Monkey Run starts at 11 am on December 31, 2022, at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, CO. In deference to the cold weather, this Golden motorcycle event doesn’t include a ride but rather has plenty of games of chance and skill to bring the community together. The event ends at 2 pm, but you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. 

In addition to games, the event will have prizes, food vendors, and the opportunity to join the ABATE. The entry fee is $15 for ABATE members, $20 for non-members, and $10 for anyone who joins or renews their membership at the event. If you’re up for a fun time with fellow bike enthusiasts, why not brave the frosty weather and warm up with food, games, and new friends?

Stay Safe With Law Tigers

Whether you’re an experienced Rocky Mountain veteran or new to the state, the Colorado Brass Monkey run is the perfect way to explore and meet new people. However, your safety should always come first, and cold weather increases the chance of accidents on the road. A legal advisor from Law Tigers can help protect your rights in a crash. If you’re in an accident, call Law Tigers at (888) 863-7216 to get in touch with an experienced motorcycle attorney.