Law Tigers America’s Motorcycle Lawyers Sign On for Riki’s Ride 2016

Los Angeles, CA – The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Lawyers, in conjunction with Riki Rachtman, former host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and current host of the nationally syndicated radio show Racing Rocks, are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Riki’s Ride 2016. Riki’s Ride will take Riki Rachtman on a wild, unpredictable motorcycle adventure across North America.

Riki Rachtman, former host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and current host of the nationally syndicated radio show Racing Rocks.

Fans to Dictate Third Annual Riki’s Ride Route via Social Media

The third annual running of Riki’s Ride, an epic motorcycle trek that traverses North America has a fascinating new twist. Riki’s fans will dictate the actual route Riki’s Ride will take via social media.

Riki Rachtman
Riki’s fans will dictate the actual route Riki’s Ride will take via Social Media LIVE June 22, 2016,

The outline of this incredible journey will have Riki riding from Los Angeles, California to Big Sur, CA with Billy Duffy from the Cult. Then he will ride to the Redwoods of Northern California to meet Taime Downe, lead singer of rock band Faster Pussycat. Together they will ride up the coast stopping to see wild Orcas on the San Juan Islands and then across the border to Canada for some white water rafting.

Riki will then continue the trek solo crisscrossing across America from the coast of Oregon all the way to New York City, riding some of the most beautiful roads in America. Eclectic stops include the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, the Chicago Open Air Rock Festival where he will serve as a host, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Coney Island, and wherever else his fans tell him ‘where to go’.

Rachtman will kick off the ride in Los Angeles, California in June and take his cues of where to go and what to see from participants via Twitter and Instagram hoping his social media fans will send him on quite the adventure.  Riki intends to discover a lot of ‘off the beaten path’ gems and experience all North America has to offer. The whole adrenaline-pumping experience will be posted live on-route as it happens.

Previous Riki’s Rides have taken him all over the United States and into Canada and Mexico. This year, Rachtman anticipates a 10,000-mile sojourn across North America with his 2010 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®, and all his fans on Social Media will be along for the ride.

Proceeds from Riki’s Ride will go to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, a Colorado non-profit corporation formed by Julie and Doug Hutchison to provide help and support to individuals, particularly children and young adults, who have epilepsy. The main focus is to raise funds to provide grants for seizure-response dogs. These trained service dogs may be able to detect an oncoming seizure and provide warnings and/or respond after the onset of a seizure. The Foundation also provides Emfit, SAMiAlert, and SmartWatch monitor for those in need. The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is named for Julie and Doug’s beloved daughter, Chelsea, who died in her sleep during a seizure in April of 2009. SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) was the cause of her death. During the 6 years that Chelsea had seizures, no one ever told the Hutchisons a seizure could take her life, other than through an accidental fall or drowning. As a result of that omission, the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation informs those living with epilepsy of the risks and raises awareness of SUDEP so that no other families are blind-sided. For more information, please visit our website.

The Law Tigers, America’s Motorcycle Attorneys

Law Tigers is proud to support Riki’s Ride. As avid motorcyclists, Law Tiger actively promotes the biker lifestyle, while advocating safety and education. Law Tigers is comprised of some of the top-named lawyers in the community. Their primary goal is to help the motorcycle community through sponsored events, education, and legal assistance.

Riki Rides with the Law Tigers

Riki Ratchman Rides with the Law Tigers
Riki Rachman Rides with the Law Tigers

The Law Tigers has a free app for all riders that offers accident preparation advice, reporting tools, one-click access to emergency services and even integrated photo and video capture. Riki wouldn’t hit the road without it and neither should you.

Riki Ratchman Ride Law Tigers iTunes droid

You can download the app for the iPhone and Droid HERE.

The Law Tigers join other industry legends in sponsoring Riki’s Ride including Hot Leathers, METZELER Tires, and Death Wish Coffee Company.

We are looking forward to one crazy adventure!

The Law Tigers