Law Tigers Announce Continued Sponsorship of Professional Motorcycle Stunt Rider & Guinness World Record Holder Clint Ewing

Los Angeles, California: Law Tigers announced today a continued partnership with professional sportbike freestyle rider, Clint Ewing. The craft and artistry demonstrated by Clint through his stunts is something any rider can appreciate. The Law Tigers are proud to be associated with someone that demonstrates that level of skill and ability while being a great ambassador to the sport.

“I’m very excited to continue my relationship with the Law Tigers for 2016 and happy to announce a 3rd National Tour this upcoming summer and I will be visiting 25 shops nationwide.”    –Clint Ewing


About Clint Ewing

Clint Ewing is a world-renowned sportbike freestyle rider based in California who has garnered global attention with his entertaining show and death-defying street bike stunts. He has completed over 100 international events such as the AMA Superbike, National Hot Rod Association (HNRA), Le Mans, and Vans Warp Tour. has been featured on  NBC, Discovery, and SpeedTV including a feature on an NBC two-hour live show in front of 7.1 million viewers where he broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Ride through a Tunnel of Fire on a motorcycle.

In 2014, Clint completed his national Against All Odds Tour, which was a celebration of his incredible recovery after an unsuccessful attempt at breaking his world record for the Longest Ride through a Tunnel of Fire on a motorcycle (360 feet). Clint was badly injured as a result leaving him with third-degree burns on both his back and hands. After 11 days in the hospital and 3 surgeries, Clint got back on his bike.

Clint is a consummate professional who always goes above and beyond to entertain the public with his amazing stunts! He makes these technically difficult tricks look easy, even though that’s not the case. Clint is an exceptional brand ambassador and a good friend to the Law Tigers.”

-Ari Levenbaum, Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Law Tigers joins Dunlop, Speed and Strength, The Sic Shop, and BikeMaster as industry sponsors.

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About the Law Tigers

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You can follow Clint Ewing on his 3rd National Tour in 2016 by following Law Tigers on Facebook & on Instagram

“My goal for 2016 is to come away with a successful tour performing nationwide and connecting with my fans.”

Clint Ewing

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