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Racing Fans Are Coming Back for the Hooligans

Although the term “hooligan” brings to mind a brash young troublemaker, Hooligan racers are hardly the violent type. Dirt track racing is certainly nothing new, and, in fact, it is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle racing. Yet although the dirt bikes are still insanely fast, and the tracks just as unforgiving, attendance at dirt tracks has seemed to lose some momentum as fans have looked elsewhere for their racing fix – until now.

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Hooligan Racing Started Out as Crashing and Entertaining the Crowd

That is until former racer and custom bike builder Roland Sands took a major interest in dirt track, particularly the Hooligan class. Over the past eight years, Sands, along with his closest friends, have participated in numerous Hooligan events, both locally in California, as well as across the nation. According to Sands, the Hooligans began racing at Costa Mesa, nearly a decade ago with Rad Brad Oxley. In the beginning, it was about nothing but all-out fun. Sands says they began racing Harley Softails in a show that was about “crashing and entertaining the crowd” as much as it was about racing.

hooligan dirt dash law tigers texas
Hooligan Racing Started Out as Crashing and Entertaining the Crowd

Hooligans Take Las Vegas

Since that time, the Hooligans have turned themselves into a legitimate race class, even being welcomed by the AMA to compete at the Super Prestigio in Las Vegas. While different motorcycles are used by the Hooligans, the bikes are not purposely built for dirt tracks—which makes it more fun and entertaining both for the spectators as well as the riders.  At the Las Vegas race, the Super Hooligans showed the world what flat track racing on a heavy bike with smaller pistons and fewer gears, on a tight dirt oval is all about.

Hooligans Transcend Competitiveness for Camaraderie

The Hooligans exhibit a camaraderie that transcends the usual competitiveness seen in dirt bike racing. In case you are wondering, “hooligan” is the class of race or the rules of the races. While GNC dirt bike racing has many rules regarding how the bike must be set up, types of bikes, etc., the Hooligans have much more freedom to play fast and loose. Although the Hooligans began racing Harley Softails, they have largely gone to the dirt track version of the Indian Scout Sixty.

The Hooligan Dirt Dash

In Hooligan races, there are only four laps to qualify for the main event, and eight laps in the main event. Some equate the size of the Hooligan track to that of a large living room, meaning there is much more brawling for a position in the race—and no front brakes on the cycles. The Hooligan Dirt Dash is scheduled to take place in New Braunfels, Texas on June 4th. The Dirt Dash is more like a series, or an event. Sturgis hosted a dirt dash last year, and the spectators loved it. Hooligan racers, race under Hooligan rules, then add in the fun, cool races such as the kid’s race and the kickstand race. All in all, a night spent watching the Hooligans race is reminiscent of a night at the races which harkens back to the hey-day of dirt bike racing.

Hooligan Racers Love the Sport

If you take away one thing about the Hooligans, it should be that Hooligan racing encompasses a different type of rider, a different type of bike, and a different type of riding than typical dirt bike racing. The backgrounds of the riders vary from freestyle motocross pros to vintage bike builders. What they all have in common is a love of motorcycles. Roland Sands, Chopper Dave, Josh Johnson, Shaun Guardado, Gabriel Vidrio, Ben Giese, and Ed Subias—these are a few of the great racers you will find at a Hooligan dirt bike race. Come see the Hooligans ride, and be ready to have some fun!

Vice President Marketing for the Law Tigers, Ari Levenbaum presenting the plaque to Bryan Smith,  winner of the Law Tigers Arizona Mile.
Vice President Marketing for the Law Tigers, Ari Levenbaum presenting the plaque to Bryan Smith, winner of the Law Tigers Arizona Mile.

Law Tigers Support Flat Track Racing

The Law Tigers are huge flat track racing fans and we love having the opportunity to help promote the sport. We are proud of joining other incredible industry leaders including Speed Merchant, Rusty Butcher, Suicide Machine Company, Biltwell, Austin Speed Shop, RAM, Rock Star, Giddy Up, Broken Homme and Unknown Industries in helping bring the Hooligan Dirt Dash to Texas.

We will see you at the races!

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