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Florida tops the list of states with the highest number of motorcycle injuries and fatalities. The 221 days of sunshine per year in Jacksonville mean that riders often take to the open road, and the lack of a steel cage makes them vulnerable to collisions with negligent drivers.

Jacksonville also has frequent rainstorms and a lengthy hurricane season that also create dangerous road conditions, making accidents even more likely. If you’re one of the 600,000-plus motorcycle riders in Florida, having an experienced network of Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Attorneys like Tom Carrero of Farah & Farah Law on your side is instrumental.

How Much Are Motorcycle Accident Cases Worth?

Whether your bike has sustained minor damage or you’ve sustained a catastrophic injury, there is a range of values that could be assigned to your case.

One of the biggest challenges for motorcycle accident victims is securing a fair settlement that adequately compensates them for their injuries. It’s no secret that the insurance company’s aim is to pay you as little as possible. It is also difficult to put a price on the disruption an accident has caused.

A motorcycle accident attorney will evaluate your case to determine what it could potentially be worth. From there, your attorney will gather evidence, file any necessary paperwork, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Determining the Potential Award

There are several factors that both an insurance company and a motorcycle accident attorney will use to determine a starting point for a settlement.

This list includes the most significant variables:

–       The amount of property damage

–       The severity of your injuries

–       When and if you will make a full recovery

–       Whether you were partially at fault for the crash

–       Whether your career is impacted

–       Whether you have financial dependents

–       Whether you need ongoing medical treatment

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

It’s normal to struggle in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. You are likely recovering from injuries, coordinating medical appointments, dealing with repairing or totaling out your bike, and adapting to changes in daily logistics during the healing process. Fighting it out with an unsympathetic insurance company is the last thing you need during this time, and it leaves you vulnerable to walking away with a lowball settlement.

An attorney will fight for your rights and exercise their experience and knowledge of insurance industry tactics to fight for maximum compensation.

You can expect your attorney to:

–       Investigate the circumstances of the accident

–       Review witness statements and interview new witnesses

–       Manage all paperwork and communication

–       Work to negotiate a fair settlement

–       Coordinate with doctors and other experts

–       Represent you at trial, if necessary

Meet Attorney Tom Carrero of Farah & Farah

Deciding to enlist the help of an attorney is not an easy choice. You want someone you can trust to have your back. You want someone who is sympathetic to the struggles you and your loved ones are facing. You want someone who is passionate about what they do and treats you like a person, not a case file.

Attorney Tom Carrero of Farah & Farah checks all the boxes above, and more. Mr. Carrero prioritizes his relationship with his clients above all else and will always return a call or email promptly.

One of the things that makes Mr. Carrero so unique is that he approaches motorcycle accidents through a lens of personal experience. While in law school, his father was in a serious crash, and the insurance company tried to “lowball” him. Mr. Carrero stepped in on behalf of his father and got the initial offer of $55,000 to $1.1 million.

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