Little Rock, Arkansas, Top Rides

Motorcycle rider getting ready for a ride

Are you looking for things to do near Little Rock, Arkansas? Why not enjoy the natural scenery on your motorcycle? 

Little Rock is Arkansas’ capital, offering an impressive selection of urban attractions. However, you may be surprised to learn that Little Rock and the surrounding areas are also home to beautiful scenic views that you can enjoy from your bike. 

The Little Rock area includes countless scenic roads and paved routes that make for excellent afternoon motorcycle rides. Here’s our list of the top motorcycle rides in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Capital to Holla Bend

The Capital to Holla Bend route is a 96-mile motorcycle route that begins in Little Rock. From the state’s capital, you will travel north along the edge of the Ouachita National Forest until you reach Holla Bend, a National Wildlife Refuge.  

Riding along the edge of the national forest gives you unique views of the rolling hills, sparkling lakes, and other national attractions throughout Ouachita. This national forest spans 1.8 million acres, leaving plenty to do and see along your route. 

Once you reach Holla Bend, you can stop and enjoy the wildlife throughout the park. This wildlife refuge is bordered on one side by the Arkansas River, which presents the perfect opportunity to kayak or enjoy a river-side picnic. 

Finally, you can head back the way you came and reach Little Rock within a few hours. 

Pinnacle Mountain to Greers Ferry Loop 

This loop begins at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a 2,356-acre park featuring Pinnacle Mountain, the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers, the Arkansas Arboretum, and a range of other attractions. 

After spending some time at the park, you can continue the loop to Greers Ferry Lake, a reservoir with sparkling blue water and lush greenery. You can stop at the Greers Ferry Dam in this section of the loop to see the rushing waters up close. 

After passing through Greers Ferry, you can continue to Little Rock using U.S. 67. This route is relatively lengthy, spanning 230 miles, so you’ll want to pack plenty of supplies and fuel up wherever you can along the way. 

Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway

The Scenic 7 Byway, also known as Arkansas State Highway 7, spans 290 miles from the Louisiana state line to Diamond City, AR. Around 60 miles of this road pass through Ozark National Forest and Ouachita National Forest, offering dense, lush forest views during your ride. 

You’ll also find numerous parks along the byway, such as Poison Spring State Park, the site of the Battle of Poison Spring. Other historical attractions, such as Jenkin’s Ferry State Historical Park, offer informative exhibits that can teach you about Arkansas’s history. 

This scenic byway also passes through Hot Springs National Park, which includes numerous natural attractions. For example, the Alum Cove Natural Bridge within the park features a 130-foot arch. Meanwhile, Pedestal Rocks offer breathtaking views of Arkansas landscapes. 

We recommend traveling the Scenic 7 Byway over a weekend to give yourself plenty of time to stop at the attractions along the way. This road is one of the most spectacular motorcycle routes near Little Rock by far.

Buffalo Hills Scenic Drive

If you’re looking for a short scenic drive outside of Little Rock, we recommend the Buffalo Hills Scenic Drive. This route is just 19 miles from end to end, making for the perfect afternoon motorcycle ride.  

Buffalo Hills Scenic Drive offers amazing pull-off views of the Buffalo River and incredible scenery throughout the route. You probably won’t see many other cars or people along this road, allowing for a serene drive that showcases some of the best natural scenery in Arkansas.

We hope you check out all these great unforgettable Little Rock rides. And don’t forget to sign up for your free Law Tigers Riders Benefit card.  If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, give us a call at 1-888-863-7216. We’ve got your back.