Local Biking Spotlight – G-Force Engineering in Rancho Cordova, CA

In Rancho Cordova, CA, you’ll find a wonderland of motorcycle engineering. G-Force Engineering designs super-efficient racing parts for racing motorcycles and other high-performance vehicles. 

About G-Force

G-Force Engineering Development unofficially started in 1989 after Mike Norman had to leave racing with a back injury. His skills as a motorcycle race mechanic and engineer quickly gained him fame as he upgraded a CBR600F-1 from 61 hp to 90 hp.

In 1999, G-Force opened its first Performance Center in San Jose, CA. However, only four years later, the Performance Center closed after the dot-com crash. Mike worked for several high-profile motor vehicle companies over the years before finally reopening G-Force as G-Force Engineering in Rancho Cordova.

G-Force Engineering has built high-horsepower engines that have won over 40 awards since 1994. Mike and his team take pride in getting every ounce of performance out of an engine they can, not just as engineers, but as racers and racing fans.

Mike Norman: The Man Behind the Designs

Mike Norman, founder and CEO of G-Force Engineering Development, has worked with engines since the age of 10, when he began rebuilding 2- and 4-stroke engines in his garage. At 16 years old, he began repainting and repairing motorcycles for insurance claims.

Mike has worked for several high-performing racing companies in engine-building and design, new systems development, and design testing throughout his career, including his service as:

  • Customer service manager and field service manager at Ducati North America
  • Product quality engineer for Kawasaki
  • Group leader for quality assurance with Honda Performance Development
  • Engineer II-Engine Test Department Honda Performance Development
  • Lead Engine Development Engineer with Saleen Automotive

With his experience in racing, Mike understands the value of a strong team. At G-Force Engineering in Rancho Cordova, Mike has brought on Chloé Lerin, a research engineer for internal combustion engine systems, and Josh Merrill, a motorcycle industry professional with over 20 years of experience racing, building, engineering, and more.

Motorcycle Racing and Engineering

G-Force Engineering development offers a host of solutions for racing motorcycles. Whether developing replacement parts to boost race engine performance or engineering a custom solution with CAD design and engineering, Mike and his team are on it.

G-Force Engineering Race Engine Services include:

  • Full superbike engine building
  • Development for cylinder heads
  • Simulation for dynamic valvetrains and friction reduction
  • Custom builds for exhaust systems, chassis design, camshaft, and more
  • Pre-constructed parts for certain models

G-Force Engineering Services include:

  • 3D parts scanning
  • CAD design
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Development of hardware and software
  • Harnessing and enclosure
  • Spec writing
  • Custom solutions

Mike and his team are proud to develop winning solutions for closed-course motorcycle racing in multiple leagues and race formats. With their experience in racing and engineering, the G-Force team enjoys producing winning racing engines for use in custom superbikes.

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If you enjoy superbike racing, check out G-Force Engineering in Rancho Cordova, CA. Mike and his team will be in the racing news again soon with their latest designs.

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