Local Focus: Bike Night At The Garages in Oswego, OR

Male and female motorcyclist enjoying their ride

If you live near Lake Oswego, OR, or will be passing through on a Wednesday night, you’ll want to check out Bike Night At The Garages. This weekly event allows local motorcycle enthusiasts to show off their bikes, get to know other bikers, and enjoy live music at a popular local restaurant. 

The event is perfect for bikers looking to make friends with similar interests or enjoy the motorcycle culture that makes riding unique. 

What Is At The Garages? 

At The Garages is a live music venue, eatery, and taphouse in Lake Oswego, OR. This eatery hosts live music every day of the week in a 12,200-foot music venue, providing spacious concert atmospheres and delicious dishes for patrons. 

Unlike some restaurants that host live music, At The Garages works hard to create an enjoyable, professional experience for patrons and musicians. The venue has a studio-quality sound system created by Steve Griffiths, a 30-year veteran in sound engineering. It also includes a professional light show and a spacious dance floor. 

At The Garages has 24 different beers on tap, fine wines, hard ciders, and CBD drinks. (Please drink responsibly). You can also play a round of pool at one of four pool tables in the venue or hang out in the outdoor covered courtyard. 

At The Garages is a unique venue that brings excitement and fun to Lake Oswego. 

What Is Bike Night At The Garages? 

Paradise Harley-Davidson hosts a bike night every week during the summer and fall months at At The Garages. This weekly event allows bikers to show off their current rides, mingle with other motorcyclists, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of At The Garages. 

Bike Night At The Garages is every Wednesday from May 18th through the end of August. The event begins at 6:00 p.m. and goes until closing. 

The event is free to attend, and there’s plenty of room for dozens of bikers to set up in the venue’s parking lot. At The Garages hosts live music every night of the week, so you can enjoy a live concert during bike night as well. You can check the event schedule on the At The Garages website to see who will be performing at the next bike night. 

Bike night participants can also receive food and drink specials. At The Garages is located at 17880 SW McEwan Rd, Lake Oswego, OR, 97035. 

What to Expect At Your First Bike Night 

If you’ve never attended a bike night before, you may be unsure what to expect or how to prepare. Thankfully, bike night events are typically laid back, especially ones in parking lots rather than at larger venues. However, here are a few tips for what to expect at your first bike night: 

  • Expect to see some expensive bikes: Riders love to show off their most expensive motorcycles at bike nights. As a result, you’ll probably see some bikes that are nicer and more expensive than yours. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t show off a more average bike as well.  
  • Expect to see non-riders as well: Bike nights aren’t exclusively for people who own motorcycles. Anyone can hang out at these events, and you’ll probably see at least several people who have never ridden a motorcycle. There’s just something about the biker community that draws in everyone, bikers and non-bikers alike. 
  • Expect to make new friends: Bike nights are the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people. If you enter the event open to making new friends, you will probably walk away with at least a few. 

Bike Night At The Garages is one of the best motorcycle events in Lake Oswego. 

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