Los Angeles Choppers 35th Annual Toys for Kids Run

Toys for Kids Run Fundraiser

Motorcycles aren’t only about freedom and the open road; they’re also about forming communities and spending time with friends and family. Toy runs are a staple for many motorbike clubs, bringing people together for the common good of the community. 

The 35th Los Angeles Toys for Kids Run promises a great start to the festive season, where anyone can contribute toys to hundreds of underprivileged children. Even if you can’t make the event, you can contribute by dropping off toys in the toy barrel by the Harley-Davidson store in Glendale. 

Event Details

The ride starts at Harley-Davison of Glendale before heading out to the iconic Plaza De La Raza in Lincoln Heights. Riders can park their bikes across the street at the DMV before heading into the plaza to deliver gift cards and toys to excited kids. Kids’ ages vary from toddlers to pre-teens, so choose your toy donation accordingly. 

The event has plenty of other activities, including live music and photo booths, to get everyone into the festive spirit. This special event is the highlight of the year and a great start to the holiday season, so be sure to bring an unwrapped toy or gift card and make a child’s Christmas magical. 

Date and Time

Registration starts at 10 am on Saturday, December 17, 2022. The ride starts at 11 am, giving everyone plenty of time to get ready. 

Law Tigers Is By Your Side

The Los Angeles Toys for Kids run is one of the most popular annual toy drives in Southern California, gathering plenty of riders from across the state. However, accidents can happen, even during a chilled-out ride, so it’s worthwhile being prepared. If you get hurt in an accident, be sure to give Law Tigers a call at (888) 863-7216 to get in touch with an attorney in the area for a free consultation.