Massachusetts Motorcycle Rides – The Mohawk Trail

Motorcyclist ride in the evening

Next time you ride in New England, take your bike on the Mohawk Trail. The Mohawk Trail Massachusetts motorcycle ride has incredible views, exceptional mountain roadways, and historical sights. Ride safe and have fun!

The Route

The famous Mohawk Trail offers one of Massachusetts’s most scenic motorcycle rides. Long ago, Native Americans used it as a trade route. Nowadays, it’s perfect for bikers who crave the open road.

Here’s what the route looks like if you start in Upton, MA:

  • Head north on Route 140 until you reach Winchendon
  • Follow Route 12 up to Keene
  • Turn left onto Route 101 until you get to Bennington and Route 9
  • Get on Route 22 in Hoosick Falls, NY
  • Take Route 22, heading south
  • After getting gas in North Adams, head east on Route 2
  • Ride south on Route 10 to Route 116 east
  • Hop on Route 9 in Amherst to return to Upton

The Sights

You’ll see plenty of sights and breathtaking views on the Mohawk Trail Massachusetts motorcycle ride. Route 101 is a fantastic segment of the journey, taking you through the mountains, over hills, and under some of them. You’ll want to ride slowly and take in the scenery from various lookouts along the way.

Animals can severely damage you and your motorcycle during a full-on collision. Wildlife like moose and deer are not uncommon during these motorcycle rides up north. You should keep an eye out on wooded stretches and if you decide to ride in the early morning or late afternoon. 

On Route 22, you’ll experience some of the best mountain motorcycle rides in Massachusetts. You’ll travel over mountains and fly around high-speed curves on your way to North Adams.

The Attractions

Riding through the Bay State can be an adventure, but sometimes you need to put down the kickstand. When the time comes, the Mohawk Trail has several great attractions where you can stop and rest. Here are some of our favorites.

Mount Greylock

Along Mohawk Trail, you’ll probably notice signs for Mount Greylock. Mt. Greylock is the highest elevation point in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet, and you can take your motorcycle up to the top. The Bascom Lodge can accommodate large groups for the night and includes a gift shop with souvenirs and other items.

Veterans War Memorial Tower

While you’re at Mt. Greylock, check out the Veterans War Memorial tower. The memorial commemorates military veterans and their sacrifice to maintain our country’s freedoms. The tower has been standing since the 1930s and holds a long and turbulent history, which you can read about when you visit. 

The Eats

The Mohawk Trail Massachusetts motorcycle ride comes with some excellent dining options. These are our favorite places to stop for a bite:

  • The Golden Eagle: This is an excellent restaurant where you can grab some good food at an affordable price. The Eagle offers a spectacular view of the mountains, several states, and down into the Hoosac Valley.
  • Bennington, VT: The town of Bennington has various dining options. As you travel Route 101, consider stopping here for a break. You and your fellow riders may also enjoy boutique shops and art galleries.
  • North Adams: In addition to being a great place to gas up, North Adams boasts the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, the largest of its kind in the country.

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