Meet ABATE of Idaho

Motorcyclist with his helmet on

If you’ve been a motorcycle rider for a while, you may be aware of the stigma against motorcyclists. Unfortunately, lawmakers and the general public often discriminate against bikers, creating unfair policies that diminish their rights. 

ABATE of Idaho is a motorcyclist organization that seeks to end this discrimination. If you’re an Idaho motorcyclist, joining this organization can help you take a stand against the unfair practices affecting your experience on the road. 

Read on to learn more about ABATE of Idaho and how you can join this meaningful organization.  

What Is ABATE of Idaho?

ABATE of Idaho is an Idaho State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SMRO). ABATE stands for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments.

This organization has a few objectives:

  • End discrimination against motorcyclists.
  • Join the general public together to stop unreasonable practices that limit motorcyclists’ rights on the road. 
  • Conduct research, seminars, publications, discussion groups, and conferences about motorcycle rights. 

The group seeks to create a more favorable environment for motorcyclists. 

You can find ABATE groups throughout the country. However, ABATE of Idaho differs from many of these groups by maintaining a solid focus on motorcycle rights. Many other chapters of this organization have begun placing more emphasis on motorcycle safety than rights, reworking the acronym to stand for “American Bikers Aimed Toward Education.” 

History of ABATE in Idaho

The first ABATE organization launched in the early 1970s after Lou Kimzey, editor of “Easyriders” motorcycle magazine, saw a need to fight against federal and state motorcycle restrictions. The first Idaho chapter of the organization began in 1977 in Blackfoot. Over the next few years, several more chapters opened within Idaho, but some ideological differences caused the groups to split into ABATE of North Idaho and ABATE of Southern Idaho. 

In 2015, the ABATE of Southern Idaho chapter changed its name to simply ABATE of Idaho. Bree Walker and Jim Adams launched this chapter in 2009 after realizing there weren’t any active chapters in the area. These founders opted to align with the original purpose of ABATE rather than move toward an educational focus, working hard to end biker discrimination. 

Today, this organization stays current on motorcycle legislation and takes action against unfair policies. For example, the group recently fought to make motorcycle registration renewal staggered instead of annual.

ABATE of Idaho Events

ABATE of Idaho hosts several events throughout the year that seek to fulfill its mission of ending motorcycle discrimination. One of the group’s most significant events is Black Thursday. 

Black Thursday is an annual day in late January or early February when group members meet with Idaho legislators to discuss proposed bills related to motorcycling. This yearly meeting allows legislators to stay attuned to the wants and needs of motorcyclists throughout the state. 

Along with its more serious events, ABATE of Idaho hosts several fun events that allow group members to get to know one another. For instance, the annual Christmas party includes a costume contest, gift exchange, dinner, and raffle.

How to Join ABATE of Idaho

ABATE of Idaho may be a good fit for you if you:

  • Are a biker or have a close family member or friend who is a biker
  • Care about issues that affect motorcyclist freedom
  • Want to make a difference in the biker environment in Idaho
  • Want to have a voice in the local government

If you’re interested in becoming a member of ABATE of Idaho, you can start by attending the meeting. The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month, and you can check the group’s event calendar for information about upcoming meeting locations. 

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