Meet the Litas Motorcycle Collective in Salt Lake City

Litas Motorcycle Collective in Salt Lake City

Female motorcycle riders often feel like the minority in their circles. They’re surrounded by men during group rides and motorcycle rallies and sometimes struggle to find other women who share their love of the craft. 

The Litas is a national women’s motorcycle community headquartered in Salt Lake City looking to empower other women to enjoy the freedom and adventure of motorcycling. This group has an excellent mission, a rich history, and a welcoming identity. Read on to learn more about The Litas Women’s Motorcycle Collective in Utah. 

What Is The Litas?

The Litas is a women’s motorcycle collective based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Jessica Wise founded this group as a way for women to ride with like-minded women. Since then, the group has expanded into a movement that empowers women to live the life they love and do anything men can. Events feature rides for women and barbecues for families.

History of The Litas

Motorcyclist Jessica Wise founded The Litas in 2014. She was inspired to start this women’s motorcycle group after seeing a group of women riding together on an Instagram post. While she didn’t have any experience with motorcycle collectives, she started The Litas as a way to hang out with other women who enjoyed motorcycling as much as she did. 

The group launched after Wise posted a message on Instagram looking for other SLC-based women interested in a women’s ride. Only one woman showed up to the first meeting, but Wise was just happy to make another motorcyclist friend. Over time, she continued advertising the group, and after six months she had over 60 women attending the group rides. 

As The Litas grew, Wise knew she wanted to expand the community outside of Salt Lake City. She began helping motorcyclists start chapters of The Litas in their cities, hosting regular meetups to allow women across branches to hang out. 

Today, The Litas has over 20,000 riders across 281 cities and 31 countries. Whether you live in Salt Lake City, another U.S. city, or another country entirely, you can find a Litas chapter that welcomes you as part of the community. And if you can’t find one, you can always start one yourself. 

The Litas’ Mission

The Litas strive to empower and inspire women through community and their shared love of motorcycles. The group inspires women to live a life of freedom and adventure and shows them that women can do whatever they set their minds to. 

This group also focuses on diversity and inclusivity and seeks to foster an environment where women feel welcomed, regardless of age, ethnicity, class, or skill level. 

Who Can Join The Litas?

The Litas is open to everyone who identifies as a woman and is at least 18 years old. All skill levels and motorcycle types are welcome in this group. 

Unlike traditional motorcycle clubs, there are no pins or ranks to earn in The Litas. This group promotes community, not competition.

If you’re interested in joining a local chapter of The Litas, visit the group’s official website and fill out a contact form. You can also sign up for The Litas’ mailing list to stay up to date with the latest news, community events, motorcycle giveaways, and branch spotlights. 

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