Montana Named Number One in Motorcycle Registrations

Montana, The State With the Most Motorcycles

Have you ever wondered which U.S. state is the best for motorcycle riders? Recent data shows that Montana motorcycle registrations top the list of American states for the number of bikes per 100,000 people. Look at the numbers to see how Montana compares to the other states and why it’s one of the best states for motorcyclists.

The States With the Most Motorcycles

According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the state with the most motorcycle license plate registrations per person is Montana at 6,312.25 per 100,000 people or just over 6 percent. While light vehicles like passenger cars and trucks make up much of Montana’s private vehicle sales and driver license registrations, motorcycle riders make up a larger percentage of the population than in any other state.

The total number of registered motorcycles in Montana in 2021 was 68,439, with a population of almost 1.1 million. California had a total of 952,977 motorcycle registrations, but given a population at around 39 million, the state has 2.4 percent –  far fewer proportionately with 2,428.72 registrations per 100,000 people. Montana residents are much more likely to drive a registered bike than California residents. 

Below are the top 10 states with the most motorcycle registrations per 100,000 people:

  1. Montana: 6,312.25
  2. New Hampshire: 6,130.76
  3. South Dakota: 5,754.81
  4. Wisconsin: 5,425.92
  5. Iowa: 5,278.79
  6. North Dakota: 4,540.27
  7. Maine: 4,403.76
  8. Wyoming: 4,364.56
  9. Idaho: 3,752.31
  10. Minnesota: 3,565.92

Why Is Montana the Best State for Motorcycle Riders?

You might have noticed that the top 10 states with the most motorcycle riders have some things in common: wide-open roads and gorgeous scenery. Montana tops the list because the state has so many scenic routes and beautiful views—not to mention that the state is central to popular motorcycle rallies.


No matter the type of vehicle, driving through many parts of Montana is breathtaking because of the natural scenery. The stunning national parks and forests, including Glacier National Park, make for fantastic journeys atop a motorcycle. 

If you have time for a long trip, you can find a camping spot, relax by a lake, or take in the snow-capped mountain views. Elk, moose, bears, and eagles are just a few of the animals you are likely to see during your travels. 

Montana Roads for Choppers

Montana is home to some of the most famous motorcycle road trip routes, from the Rockies’ imposing mountains to the boundless eastern prairies. The following are some of the best rides in Montana:

  • The Beartooth Highway
  • The Glacier National Park Loop (Including the incomparable Going to the Sun Road)
  • Highway 89
  • Route 141
  • US Highway 12 from Missoula to Lewiston

Some rides, such as driving over Beartooth Pass, can be dangerous and require motorcycle riding experience and knowledge of handling the weather and terrain. 

Motorcycle Events

Biker rallies are events where riders can hang out and share the culture of being a motorcycle fan. Montana not only has local biker events, but the state is near Sturgis, South Dakota, the location of the biggest annual motorcycle rally.

Law Tigers Fight for Injured Riders Nationwide

The per capita number of Montana motorcycle registrations is the highest in the nation, which is not surprising when you consider the remarkable scenery and challenging rides the state offers. 

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