More Favorite Biker Bars – Tempe Arizona

Bikers bar in Tempe Arizona

Tempe, Arizona, is home to Arizona State University, bringing with it a wide range of restaurants and bars for students, locals, and bikers alike to enjoy. If you’re planning to visit Tempe soon, hitting up a few biker bars can allow you to meet like-minded people and enjoy a delicious meal and a strong drink. 

Read on to learn about our favorite biker bars in Tempe, Arizona. 

Brick & Barley

Brick & Barley is an American sports bar located on Baseline Road in the heart of Tempe. This bar has a versatile menu, cold draft beer, and a dog-friendly patio. This restaurant is also the perfect spot to watch the game, as you’ll find 17 HDTVs inside and outside the bar. 

You can often find local bikers hanging out at Brick & Barley, but you’ll also see a generous mix of other groups getting drinks and spending time on the patio. The restaurant’s bartenders are friendly and the food is relatively affordable, making this restaurant an excellent choice for bikers and any other visitors. 

Time Out Lounge

Time Out Lounge is a popular dive bar and live music venue in Tempe. This bar has an old-school feeling that attracts local bikers and tourists, though university students and young people are also regulars. 

You can play pool at one of the bar’s numerous pool tables, enjoy a round of pinball at the vintage machine, or listen to a live concert with your friends. While the restaurant’s stage is small, it makes for an intimate setting to enjoy music from local artists. 

Time Out Lounge also features an impressive selection of beers and other drinks. Altogether, you can’t go wrong checking out this lounge with your biker friends.

Chopper John’s

Chopper John’s is a dive bar with a welcoming atmosphere for bikers. You’ll find a diverse crowd of patrons at this restaurant, ranging from bikers to construction workers and blues lovers to surfers. While the bar is technically in Phoenix, its chill atmosphere is worth the short drive from downtown Tempe. 

Chopper John’s describes itself as the “Original Biker Bar” and has a reputation for hosting exceptional talent and charging great prices. This bar also has outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Tempe weather with your food and drinks. 

Altogether, if you’re looking for a restaurant that offers the ideal biker bar experience, Chopper John’s is an excellent choice. 

The Woodshed

The Woodshed is a small sports bar on Baseline Road in Tempe. The owners describe this bar as “your home away from home,” striving to create a neighborhood bar feel where everyone is welcome. 

The Woodshed offers a cozy, intimate atmosphere where you can get to know other patrons or spend time in conversation with your biker buddies. You’ll find a wide variety of entrees on this restaurant’s menu, ranging from chicken wings to cheese curds, and a selection of cheap beers behind the bar. 

The Handlebar Tempe

The Handlebar is a neighborhood Tempe bar that follows a “beer garden” concept. This bar sees a diverse crowd each night, including various bikers from around the area. You’ll feel right at home bringing your biker friends to The Handlebar for a night out. 

This restaurant features a large, 2,000-square foot outdoor patio, an impressive draft beer selection, and a full bar. You can get a discount on select drinks when you show up between 3:00 and 6:30 p.m. each day. Better yet, all of the restaurant’s food is made to order, and the menu features mouthwatering options like gourmet bratwurst and Belgian pretzels. 

When you visit The Handlebar in Tempe, you’ll enjoy a high-quality meal in a high-quality setting. 

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