Motorcycle Auctions in Dallas

Handing over motorcycle keys, Dallas auction

Are you looking to purchase a new motorcycle in Dallas? If so, checking out one of the city’s motorcycle auctions could allow you to score a great deal on your new bike. 

Motorcycle auctions allow you to browse a wide range of motorcycle makes and models and bid on those that catch your eye. Then, if you’re the highest bidder, you can take home your new bike that same day or schedule a delivery from the auction house. 

However, some motorcycle auctions offer better selections and deals than others. Read on to learn everything you need to know about motorcycle auctions in Dallas. 

How Do Dallas Motorcycle Auctions Work? 

If you’ve never participated in a motorcycle auction before, you may be unsure what to expect. Here’s the typical process of an in-person motorcycle auction:

  • Browsing: First, you’ll have some time to browse the available inventory. Most auction houses provide placards with information about each motorcycle, including its make and model, mileage, and history. 
  • Bidding: Once the auction officially begins, the auctioneer will relay the auction rules, such as the bidding methods and increments. Once your desired motorcycle goes up for auction, you can raise a paddle to signify your bid. 
  • Checkout: If you have the highest bid, you will be able to purchase your desired bike. Just take your bidding number to the checkout area and follow the auction house’s instructions. You may need to pay the entire bid now or provide a down payment on the bike. 

Each auction house has its own rules and procedures, so you’ll want to become familiar with that company’s processes before bidding. It may help to first attend an auction with no intention to bid simply to watch how it works. 

Additionally, many auctions take place online these days. Online auctions are typically straightforward — you submit an online bid during a scheduled auction or at your leisure, depending on the site. If you win the item, you can pick it up in person or schedule a delivery. 

Best Dallas Motorcycle Auctions

Here are a few of the best motorcycle auctions in Dallas to check out: 

CrashedToys Dallas

CrashToys is an auction company with locations throughout the country. The Dallas location is at 777 John W Carpenter Freeway. 

This company auctions salvaged motorcycles every Thursday at noon CDT. You can view the current inventory and register for an auction online. 

National Powersport Auctions

National Powersport Auctions (NPA) is another auction company with a nationwide presence. The company’s Dallas auction house sells domestic cruisers, metric cruisers, metric sport riders, off-road vehicles, and more. 

If you can’t attend a Dallas NPA auction in person, you can participate through the NPA Simulcast from your mobile device. You’ll see live footage of the auction and 360-degree images of each bike, allowing you to make an informed bid. 

Salvage Bikes Auction

Salvage Bikes Auction is an online auction company that auctions salvaged bikes throughout the country. However, you can filter the current inventory to the Dallas area, allowing you to see available motorcycles within driving distance. 

This company hosts live and asynchronous auctions. You can bid in real-time during a scheduled auction or submit a bid at your convenience during a multi-day bidding period. 

Dallas Motorcycle Auction Tips

Here are a few tips to help you have the best experience at a Dallas motorcycle auction: 

  • Know what kind of bike you’re looking for before the auction. 
  • Inspect each bike closely, read its accident history, and kick its wheels to understand its condition.
  • Set a budget for yourself before attending the auction.
  • Keep a level head during any bidding wars to avoid overspending. 
  • Get all of your purchased vehicle’s information in writing before leaving the auction house. 

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