Motorcycle Camping Tips

Motorcycle Camping Tips

Are you planning your first motorcycle camping trip? Then you’re about to experience a unique way of soaking in the beauty of nature with your motorcycle. 

Motorcycle camping trips can allow you to turn adventurous motorcycle tours into days- or weeks-long experiences. However, because motorcycles have little storage space, you won’t be able to pack as many supplies as you would on an average camping trip. As such, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. 

Read on to learn our motorcycle camping tips to help you have an enjoyable first trip. 

Determine Where You Will Stay 

When you camp with your motorcycle, you still have several lodging options for your trip. Your first step in planning a motorcycle camping trip should be determining where you will stay. Then, you can work backward to identify the supplies you will need. 

First, you should choose the general area where you will camp. Traveling a few miles down the road to a campsite is much different from riding across the country and camping along the way. 

Next, you can determine your camping environment. Here are a few types of camping environments you can choose from:

  • Dispersed camping: Unestablished camping areas in the middle of the wild 
  • Campgrounds: Established camping areas with amenities ranging from fire pits to hot showers
  • Cabins: Furnished camping buildings with beds and bare essentials 

Plan Your Motorcycle Route in Advance 

If you’re like many motorcycle campers, you probably want to combine your camping trip with a motorcycle road trip. If so, you should have at least a general idea of your route before you leave. 

Knowing how many days you will be gone and how many miles you will need to cover in one day can help you determine what supplies to pack. It can also give you an idea of what campgrounds or facilities to book during your trip. 

Pack Light — But Bring Everything You Need

Your motorcycle probably doesn’t have much storage space, so you’ll need to condense your supplies as much as possible. However, you must also bring everything you may need during your trip. 

Here are the essentials that you’ll need to pack for your motorcycle camping trip:

  • A tent or a hammock (if you’re not renting lodging)
  • A sleep system suitable for the climate and environment
  • First aid supplies
  • Essential motorcycle repair tools
  • Clean water
  • Dry foods (unless you plan to buy food when you get there)
  • A system to prepare your meals
  • Climate-appropriate clothing
  • Durable footwear

Aside from these essentials, you may want to pack comfort items like a camp chair, additional bedding, books, and other activities. 

Of course, the exact supplies you need to bring depend on what you have access to at your campsite. Preparing your supply list in advance can ensure that you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Complete Any Bike Maintenance Before the Trip 

One unique aspect of motorcycle camping is that you need to consider your motorcycle’s condition along with the supplies you pack. Your motorcycle will be your only mode of transportation in remote camping areas. As a result, it needs to be in excellent working condition to get you from place to place safely. 

We recommend changing your oil and oil filter before your trip. You may also want to take your bike to a mechanic for a quick exam and tune-up to ensure that it is ready for a lengthy ride.

These motorcycle camping tips can help you have the best experience on your next motorcycle camping trip. 

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