Motorcycle Day Trips from Oklahoma City

Male motorcyclist dressed all black riding a Yamaha motorcycle.

Grab your helmet and hit the open road for a fun-filled day trip from Oklahoma City. The landscape offers rolling prairie views, low mountains, and even dense forests to keep the trips visually interesting. The state of Oklahoma is home to approximately 70,000 square miles of hardtop, so you have endless opportunities to explore.

To help you plan your next motorcycle day trip riding out of Oklahoma City, we’ve compiled a list of four fun rides to add to your list.

1. Dead Man’s Curve

This 38-mile route that starts in Claremore and ends in Spavinaw. It gets its name courtesy of a death-defying stretch of road with a steep slope and challenging angles.

All lightheartedness aside, novice riders should avoid this section of the route and opt for one of the beginner-friendly alternatives. Parts of this route are even a challenge for expert riders, so exercise extreme caution.

2. The State Park Route

In addition to having more man-made lakes than any other state, Oklahoma also has expansive views of its signature red dirt. This 30-mile day trip starts at Watonga’s Roman Nose State Park, crosses the iconic Route 66, and finishes in Hinton at Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park.

If you’ve got time to spare, make it a two-day trip and enjoy some time at both your starting and endpoints. Roman Nose State Park is a sight to behold. With three natural springs, canyon views, and a golf course, there’s a full day of fun to be had.

When you’ve had your fill, Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park has a whole new set of experiences in store. Enjoy breathtaking views, miles of hiking trails, and next-level nature watching.

3. Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Of course, no rider’s bucket list would be complete without logging some miles on Route 66. You can begin your trip in Oklahoma City and drive toward the sunset.

There are iconic attractions and historical museums, including the Route 66 Murals and Braum’s Grocery Giant Milk Bottle. We also recommend a drive-by of Ann’s Chicken Fry House, which has original gas station pumps and a pink Cadillac parked outside.

4. Travel Back in Time on Route 33

For even more Americana history, start your day trip at the Santa Fe Depot in Oklahoma City and ride along Route 33. The still-functioning depot has an art deco vibe and has recently been renovated.

In an effort to get more attention for Route 33, it is now dubbed “The road less traveled,” and they’re alluding to Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” poem that says the road that is less traveled is potentially the better one. Route 33 gives prime access to the city of Cushing, which is undergoing something of a Renaissance with festivals, historic landmarks, and family-friendly entertainment.

What to Know Before You Ride                       

The open road is full of adventure, but before you set out, here are some quick reminders:

–   Wear protective layers. The winters can be harsh, so if you’re riding during these months, make sure to bring plenty of layers, including wind-blocking clothing to protect from the biting winds.

–   Check the forecast. If there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast or extreme weather conditions, you might want to reschedule your trip. A tornado could spark an involuntary reenactment of Dorothy’s role in The Wizard of Oz.

–   Inspect your motorcycle. Before you head out, especially far from home, perform a thorough inspection of your bike, paying special attention to tires, leaks, and headlight function.

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