Motorcycle Gear for Dogs – Outfit Your Best Friend Right

Motorcycle dog gear

There’s nothing better than enjoying a long, relaxing motorcycle ride down a peaceful country road. But what if you could take your favorite furry friend along for the ride as well?  

Riding your motorcycle with your dog as a passenger can allow you to share your favorite hobby with your best friend and give your dog the ride of its life. However, you’ll want to make sure your dog has the proper safety gear for the ride. 

Read on to see our list of motorcycle gear for dogs you should consider when riding with a best bud.  

Sidecars, Backpacks, and More

Before you strap your furry friend in for a motorcycle ride, you’ll need to consider how you plan to transport it on your bike. Attempting to hold your dog on your lap is unsafe and illegal in many states. Instead, your dog will need to be seated in a secure area while riding. 

Some motorcyclists ride with their dogs in sidecars attached to their motorcycles. This option is ideal if you have a large dog who may not fit securely in any other compartment. If you choose to place your dog in a sidecar, you’ll want to attach a leash to its collar or harness, then secure the leash to the motorcycle to keep your dog safe on the road. 

If you have a small dog, you can consider placing your furry friend in a backpack or infant carrier strapped to your body. Doing so will keep your dog safe, ensure that you always know its whereabouts, and provide it the comfort of always being close to you. However, you’ll want to consider that the added weight on your body could become uncomfortable on a longer ride. 


You may be wondering: does my dog need to wear a helmet while riding on my motorcycle? The answer is that it’s up to you. 

There currently are not many dog helmets on the market that have been tested for safety. Many of these helmets are simply decorative accessories rather than actual protective gear. However, they may provide your dog’s head a little bit of protection in an accident. 

If you decide to purchase a helmet for your dog, make sure it’s comfortable and not too snug on your dog’s head. Also, try to pick one that could offer at least a little protection during a harsh impact, such as a motorcycle accident. 


Protecting your dog’s eyes is essential to keeping it safe while on your motorcycle ride. As a result, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of durable, comfortable goggles for your furry friend. 

You can find a few different styles of dog goggles on the market. Some have individual circles for each eye, while others are more rectangular, offering fuller coverage. Before taking your dog on its first ride, we recommend putting its goggles on for a few minutes each day to get it acclimated to its new gear. 


Finally, whether you decide to place your dog in the sidecar, strap it to your back, or secure it in a pet carrier in the cargo area, we recommend strapping your dog in with a harness and leash. You should do everything you can to keep your dog secure and stable on the bike. The last thing you’d want is your dog to fall off in the middle of the ride. 

A high-quality harness and leash can help your dog feel safer and give you peace of mind that it will stay secure on your bike throughout the entire ride. Check out our Law Tigers blog for the latest news and information about the motorcycle lifestyle, and sign up for our free rider benefits package while you’re here. Safety for you and your furry friends is always a top priority, but accidents do happen. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, call Law Tigers at 1-888-863-7216.