Motorcycle Gifts for Father’s Day 2022

Beautiful motorcycle helmets on store shelf

Father’s Day 2022 is right around the corner, and if your dad is like many, he may be challenging to buy for. You can only give your dad a bottle of whisky or a fountain pen so many times on Father’s Day before it becomes cliche. 

However, one foolproof way to think of thoughtful gifts for your loved ones is to consider their passions. For example, if your dad is a motorcycle enthusiast, you can get him a gift that shows your support for his hobby and helps him have a safer ride. 

Read on to learn the top motorcycle gifts for Father’s Day 2022. 

Bike Cover

Whether your dad stores his motorcycle in the garage, out on the driveway, or in a storage unit, he needs a high-quality bike cover. Bike covers can protect motorcycles from:

  • Precipitation
  • Debris
  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • UV rays

If your father doesn’t currently use a bike cover, buying him a durable, sturdy cover for Father’s Day could be the perfect gift idea. 

Motorcycle Phone Mount

Many motorcyclists like to keep their smartphones out and available during their rides. They may use their phones to view GPS directions or play music through their bike’s Bluetooth speakers. They may also like to have their phones handy in case of an emergency. 

One of the safest ways to display a smartphone on a motorcycle dashboard is with a secure, durable phone mount. The best mounts clip to the bike’s handlebars and use a strong magnet or four-arm grip cradle to secure the phone. 

If you plan to get a phone mount for your dad this Father’s Day, we recommend splurging on a high-quality option. This mount needs to keep your dad’s phone stable and snug as he rides at high speeds. Choosing a cheaper model could send your dad’s phone spiraling off the bike and crashing to the pavement. 

Motorcycle GPS

Many motorcyclists prefer to use motorcycle-specific GPS devices to navigate over smartphone map apps. If your dad doesn’t currently use a navigation device, gifting him a motorcycle GPS for Father’s Day could help him find new roads and navigate safely. 

The best motorcycle GPS devices feature high-definition displays that are easy to read in bright sunlight and rainy weather conditions. They’re also glove-friendly, allowing your dad to input destinations while wearing his riding gloves. 

Additionally, if your dad tends to ride on back roads and country roads, you can search for a motorcycle GPS with an “Avoid Highways” option. 

Helmet Stand

If your dad has multiple helmets, he may not have a good place to store the extras. Instead of piling them in the corner of the garage or shoving them in a closet, he can keep them out on display using helmet stands. 

You can find a wide range of helmet stands on the market that offer different functionality and attractiveness benefits. Some table helmet stands can allow your dad to display his helmets, while more functional stands provide a compact solution to store excess helmets when not in use. 

Consider your dad’s current storage habits, then look at helmet stands that would meet his needs. 

Riding Wallet

No one wants to ride a motorcycle with a bulky, heavy wallet in their back pocket. Instead, you can consider gifting your dad a custom riding wallet for Father’s Day. 

Riding wallets feature slim designs that don’t take up much space in your pocket. These wallets can allow your dad to keep all of the necessities on him during the ride without feeling bogged down. 

No matter which of these cool gifts you decide to give your favorite rider for Father’s Day, he will appreciate the thought you put into getting him a gift that honors his passions. While you’re at it, make sure he signs up for a free Law Tigers Rider Benefit Package