Motorcycle How-To Changing a Tire


Tips on Changing a motorcycle tire

Even the best motorcycle tires lose tread after ten years, making them unsafe for the road. At this point, you’ll need to swap out the old tire with a new one. 

While you can take your motorcycle to the repair shop for a new tire, this process can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, you can avoid this hassle by changing the tire yourself. 

Step 1: Remove the Wheel From Your Bike

Consult your owner’s manual to learn how to remove the wheel. 

Step 2: Remove Your Valve Core

The valve core holds the air in — don’t lose it. We highly recommend using a valve core remover from an auto supply store to remove the valve core on the wheel. Attempting to use another random tool from your garage can damage the valve stem. 

Step 3: Break the Bead

You can use tire irons to break the bead as you work your way around the tire. You can also purchase a special tool for this process. 

Step 4: Apply a Lubricant

Mix dish soap and water to use as a lubricant. Then, spray the mixture around the tire. This lubricant will help you pry the tire away from the rim. 

Step 5: Loosen the Tire From the Rim 

Use your tire irons to pry the tire away from the rim in sections. We recommend inserting one tire iron under the rim, then using another to loosen the section around that area. Then, move the inserted iron to another section and repeat. 

If your tire has a tube inside, you will need to take caution around it while prying the tire off of the rim. 

Step 6: Flip the Tire and Repeat

You can use your knee to hold one side of the tire in the center of the rim, giving the opposite side more room to slip over. 

Step 7: Clean and Inspect the Rim and Tube.

Wipe down the rim with a clean cloth to remove debris. We also recommend applying baby powder around the tube to reduce friction. If it’s too worn out, you can also replace it.

Step 8:  Clean and Inspect the New Tire 

Wipe the inside of the new tire and inspect it for cracks. During this step, you should note the tire’s mark indicating where you should position the valve stem. Another mark indicates the direction you should place the tire on the rim. 

Step 9: Lube Up the Tire Install It On the Rim

You can spray some more of the dish soap mixture around the tire’s bead, then stretch it over the rim until it is in the right position. Be careful not to force it, as you can rip the bead with too much pressure. 

We recommend wedging the tire irons under the bead in sections to help you fit the tire onto the rim. 

Step 10: Reinstall the Valve Core and Inflate the Tire

You can use a tire air compressor or an air machine at a gas station to inflate the tire. This will pop the bead on both sides, creating a snug fit.

Once you’ve set the bead, reset the air pressure to the proper psi. 

Step 11:  Place the Wheel Weights and Remount the Wheel 

Finally, place the wheel weights along the tire to balance it, then reinstall it on your bike according to the user manual. 

Now that you know how to change a motorcycle tire, you can save time and money completing this job yourself. If you ever become involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Law Tigers motorcycle accident lawyers at 888-863-7216 for assistance and a free case evaluation.