Motorcycle Rides Brownsville, TX, is Known For

Motorcycles parked on the street

Brownsville, located at the southern tip of Texas, features some beautiful scenery for motorcyclists who live in the area or are just riding through. Don’t miss out on these stunning motorcycle rides in Brownsville, TX.

The list below includes the favorites of some of our lawyers at Law Tigers, a nationwide network of motorcycle attorneys. Our goal is to help bikers have a great time on the road while staying safe. If you’re in South Texas, enjoy these rides!

Mission, TX, to South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a barrier island offering several eateries, bars, and outdoor relaxation opportunities. Sip a drink on the beach, walk one of several piers, or stretch your legs at one of the nature trails.

This route follows the southern border of Texas along the Rio Grande on US 281, totaling approximately 95 miles. Merge to TX 48 E at Brownsville, then take Padre Blvd. out to the island.

Don’t forget to take in the sights along the way. Several border towns line this route, with tiny roadside souvenir shops and eateries. Get five-star barbecue at Smoking Joe’s BBQ in Mercedes, or fajitas and tacos from Pollos Asados El Vecino in San Benito.

Brownsville to Laredo

This 200-mile trip up TX 48 E along the Rio Grande River is a fantastic option for a weekend trip to the former capital and border city of Laredo, TX. Stay overnight and enjoy Laredo’s cultural, historical, and culinary delights.

Check out events at the Laredo Center for the Arts, CultivArte Laredo, and other arts and cultural organizations. Tour the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, and check out the TAMIU Planetarium at Texas A&M.

The Riviera Loop (TX 285 W)

This 260-mile ride will suit distance riders who enjoy opening up the throttle on long stretches of highway. Part of the route will take you through rural highways full of pastures, gentle hills, and smooth curves. Stop for a bite to eat in one of the larger towns or at a roadside barbecue shack.

Take I-69E N/US 77 north to Riviera, then make a left onto TX 285. Follow TX 285 approximately 22 miles to Falfurrias, then merge onto US 281 heading south toward McAllen. In McAllen, take the exit to I-2 toward Harlingen. Follow I-2 for 56 miles to merge onto I-69E toward Brownsville to complete the loop.

Brownsville to Port Mansfield

This 70-mile trip will take you up I-69E N to TX 186 E at Raymondville. Clocking in at a little over an hour, this short trip gives you plenty of time to enjoy the attractions in Port Mansfield. Pack a large cooler and enjoy casting a reel off any of several fishing piers, then stop for dinner and a drink before hauling your catch home. And don’t worry about packing bait because the area offers several bait shops.

Drink and dining options include KJ’s Laguna Bar & Grill for seafood and beer, Pelican’s Cove Bar & Grill on the water with an outdoor patio, and Sweet Gregory P’s Smokehouse Grill for breakfast or barbecue.

We hope you’ll take your bike out of the garage soon to enjoy one of these motorcycle rides in Brownsville, TX. Don’t miss out on one of these motorcycle routes if you’re ever passing through South Texas.

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