Motorcycle Rides in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is famous for its majestic natural scenery that complements its open-concept landscape. With elaborate rock formations, canyons and hills to offset the mostly flat state, and roads that were made for cruising, it is a motorcycle rider’s dream.

We took the liberty of finding 8 of our favorite motorcycle roads in Oklahoma, and encourage you to read through and decide which are best for you. We hope you choose them all.

8 Motorcycle rides in Oklahoma you can’t miss

These rides are not ranked in any particular order, and we’d always love to know if we missed your favorite. Without further ado, here’s our great eight in the Sooner State.

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  1. Ouachita National Forest

One of the oldest national forests in the United States, Ouachita is over 800,000 acres with six wilderness areas. You can use the scenic byway to access most of the forest on your motorcycle, and can set up some great camping excursions and hikes to see any parts not accessible via the open road. The byway itself is beautifully kept and provides for some easy riding up to a mild elevation of 2,500 feet. Because the National Forest itself is a bit of a trip from any big city, it is rarely heavily trafficked by motorists and will allow you to feel free amongst the trees.

Ouachita National Forest
  1. Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge: 

Headlined by the Wichita Mountain Scenic Byway, western Oklahoma’s motorcycle roads showcase the prairies and lowlands in spectacular fashion. You will get the wildflowers of summer contrasting with the golden foliage of fall if you make it out during transition months, and the skyline in front of you is representative of the frontier state that Oklahoma is. As you enjoy the scenery and the twisty roads, you’ll gain an appreciation for the state’s history as well- there are some mining towns that still remain, and the local diner is one stop you won’t want to miss.

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
  1. Medicine Park Trail

A 70 mile run that takes you through Medicine Park, this ride is full of personality. There will be curves that drop out into wide open plains, stretches flanked by mountains, and road conditions that allow you to moderate the difficulty as you please. In terms of Oklahoma culture, this ride is a great exhibit: you can stop for a burger or a beer at any number of great places, including Meer’s or Ann’s. Best of all, there’s a motorcycle clothing shop called ‘Chaps my Ass’, which should quench your thirst for gearhead puns. Bring an appetite for adventure, food, and the open road to Medicine Park Trail.

Medicine Park Trail
  1. Talimena National Scenic Byway

As the seasons change, Talimena National Scenic Byway lives up to its name with a myriad of color changes and open prairie landscape. Perfect for a day trip and a picnic, you can head through Talihina down towards Mena and the Southeastern Oklahoma border to get a panoramic view of the state. Make sure to take the 54 mile stretch at the pace you’re comfortable with, but don’t rush it; there are multiple pull-offs that allow you to really see why it’s called a ‘scenic’ byway.

Talimena National Scenic Byway
  1. Route 66

The Mother Road is likely the most famous and historic motorcycle route to stretch across the United States. Spanning Chicago to Los Angeles, each state’s section of this 2,400+ mile highway has unique character and lore to go with it. Oklahoma embraces ‘Main Street America’ with over 200 miles of its stretch, highlighted by the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum near Tulsa. Whether you are local or visiting, it is hard not to appreciate the folklore and motorcycle culture of Oklahoma that this road shares. If you have a riding group, this can easily be a fixture event of your trip through Oklahoma.

Route 66
  1. Oklahoma 20 through Claremore and Spavinaw

The riding is really good up in the northeast of Oklahoma’s Green Country. You can begin or end your journey at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore depending on the direction you go, but either way, this nearly 40 mile stretch of road is going to challenge your handling abilities. It is famous for “dead man’s curve”, and we recommend you respect the name for the quick hairpin. After that, it should be smooth cruising and enjoying the countryside that Oklahoma has to offer.

Oklahoma 20 through Claremore and Spavinaw
  1. Route 33 From Guthrie to Perkins

Highway 33 and the route to Perkins have a deep connection with the history of Oklahoma as well as its motorcycle culture. Perkins was once the territorial capital of Oklahoma, and you can double up the nostalgia by starting your trek in Guthrie at the Santa Fe Depot. Take in the sweeping curves that look out over the prairie on your way to the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza, which is an open air museum that catalogues much of Oklahoma’s rich past – including exhibits on Route 66. 

Route 33
  1. Okmulgee Lake Tour

Okmulgee National Park is home to some of the more prominent bodies of water in the state, and the ride in and around it is spectacular. There is very little traffic on the 120 mile ride in from Tulsa, and you can either see Lake Spillway, Dripping Springs, or go along the Oak Leaf Trail to see most of the park from above. The road conditions will vary with the weather and seasons, so when it is a bit colder and rainy, we advise exercising caution. However, when conditions are good, these roads are great for testing your bike on long open stretches.

Okmulgee Lake Tour

Any of these rides will make for a great adventure, and the hope is that the excitement of each one will make you ready  to go on another. Oklahoma is a state full of rich history and storied roads- which one will you take?

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