Motorcycle Rides That Massachusetts Riders Appreciate

Motorcycle rides in Massachusetts

Imagine feeling the crisp Massachusetts air whip through your hair as you cruise down winding roads on your bike, taking in breathtaking views. Sounds terrific, right?

At Law Tigers, our team loves exhilarating rides just as you do. So today, let’s talk about some of our favorite must-see motorcycle rides in Massachusetts.

1. Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail is famous for its expansive mountain views, winding roads, and beautiful scenery. Be sure to stop and take in the landscape of this state park at one of their many viewpoints.

Along Route 2, you can ride on the historic Native American trade route to the New York border. The Mohawk trail is 35 miles long and takes about an hour to drive.

2. Shelburne Falls Loop

This 132-mile loop offers something for everyone to love, including rugged landscapes, peaceful farms, quirky bookshops, antique shopping, and bustling restaurants. You can spend an entire day cruising down this loop, stopping to take photos of scenery, and cooling down with refreshing ice cream. We recommend pulling over to explore the enchanting Bridge of Flowers!

3. New Marlborough to Southwick Scenic Route

Great motorcycle rides in Massachusetts are not complete without fall scenery. This route is ideal for taking in the autumn colors, enjoying the Granville State Forest, and cruising up and down the hilly roads. The New Marlborough through Southwick route is 30 miles long and runs east to west through the southern parts of the state.

4. Quabbin Reservoir Loop

This 54-mile road loops around the Quabbin Reservoir, offering magnificent views, an awe-inspiring overlook point, and a spot for lunch at the New Salem Convenience Store. The Quabbin Reservoir loop is located right in the state’s center, making it an easy-to-access drive, regardless of where you’re staying. 

5. Sleepy Hollow Tour

This spooky drive will take you through misty hills, ancient architecture, moss-covered bridges, and majestic mountain views. The Sleepy Hollow Tour begins in the western part of Massachusetts and winds all the way through New York, though even before crossing the border, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling and twisty roads. The total drive is 204 miles, although you can just pick a portion of it if you don’t want to spend all day.

6. Route 119

Your Massachusetts motorcycle tour will not be complete until you’ve visited Route 119. This iconic drive will take you through narrow, winding roads and vast open valleys with views of the lake, foliage, and blooming flowers. If you take the route between the New Hampshire border and the Townsend area, the drive is about 13 miles long, though you can continue following the road as far as Vermont.

7. Cape Cod Route

The Cape Cod tour on Route 6A offers expansive ocean views, charming towns, picturesque marshes, and plenty of places to stop for photos or food. Start in Sandwich and head west to Orleans. This route is about 30 miles long and bursts with beautiful views! 

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