Motorcycle Rides You’ll Love Near Tulsa, OK

Motorcycle ride picture taken from passenger seat, Tulsa OK

Riding your motorcycle along scenic routes and famous roadways is one of the best ways to explore a new area. If you’re planning a visit to Tulsa, OK, this year, you’ll be happy to know that the city and surrounding areas are full of twisty, picturesque routes that you can enjoy from your bike. 

Read on to learn the top three motorcycle rides near Tulsa, OK. 

Tahlequah to Greenleaf State Park

Oklahoma is full of state and national parks that include gorgeous wildlife scenery. Combining your motorcycle route with a state park visit can allow you to see these scenic views from afar and up close. 

The route from Tahlequah to Greenleaf State Park in Braggs is about 33 miles of curves and winding roads. While these curves can add intrigue and challenge to your ride, they can also encourage you to ride slowly and spend time admiring the scenic forest views around you. 

You’ll start the trip by heading south on US-62 W, which eventually turns into OK-10 S. Then, you’ll reach Fort Gibson, the oldest European settlement in Oklahoma. 

After cruising through Fort Gibson, you can continue onto 2 Mile Road, then follow OK-10 S until you reach Braggs. Then, simply follow signs for Greenleaf Creek and Greenleaf State Park. 

We recommend taking a few hours to enjoy the attractions at the state park before heading back toward Tahlequah. You can hike all or part of an 18-mile hiking trail, fish along the river, or even stay at one of the park’s 16 fully furnished cabins. 

Route 66 from Miami to Arcadia

Route 66, also known as the Main Street of America, was one of the first highways within the U.S. highway system. This road spans from Missouri to Arizona, passing directly through central Oklahoma. 

If you’re planning a trip near Tulsa, you can take Route 66 west from Miami to Arcadia. Along the way, you’ll reach “Ribbon Road,” a section of Route 66 that is only nine feet wide. 

You can also stop at fun attractions throughout the route, such as the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum, featuring over 60 motorcycles from Route 66’s earliest days. You can also grab a bite to eat at Rock Cafe, which uses rocks from the road’s original excavation as decor. 

While Route 66 offers plenty of scenic views of Oklahoma’s forestry and sprawling Western landscapes, this road also includes intriguing attractions that you won’t see along any other route. 

Mountain Gateway Scenic Byway

Oklahoma features diverse scenery ranging from lush forests to majestic mountain ranges. If you’re looking for a motorcycle route that takes you through incredible mountain paths, we recommend the Mountain Gateway Scenic Byway. 

This scenic byway spans just 22 miles between Heavener, OK, and the Arkansas border. Heavener is a small town with a population of around 3,300. With an elevation of 420 feet, this city offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges. 

This two-lane scenic byway is relatively quiet and peaceful, making for a laid-back motorcycle ride. You’ll see densely forested mountains, wildflower fields, deep valleys, and some of the country’s oldest landmasses. 

However, the Mountain Gateway Scenic Byway also features curves and steep inclines throughout, allowing you to put your motorcycle skills to the test. While this route is relatively short, we recommend dedicating a few hours to it. You may want to stop at one of the numerous recreational areas along the road to hike or take photos. 

If you’re navigating to this byway from Tulsa, you can follow OK-351 southeast from the city and catch views of the sparkling Arkansas river. 

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