Motorcycle Riding Groups in Portland, OR

Motorcycle Riding Groups in Portland

One of the best parts of riding is joining groups of fellow bikers who love going on the open road as much as you do. Fortunately, Oregon bikers can join a number of motorcycle riding groups in Portland. 

Joining a motorcycle riding group allows you to connect with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. The only trouble is narrowing down your options to find the perfect fit. To get you started, we provide below a list of motorcycle riding groups for Portland-area bikers. 

Rose City Motorcycle Club

The Rose City Motorcycle Club is ideal for riders looking to connect with a large group of fellow bikers for cruising and touring. The club is open to all brands of motorcycles and their experienced riders. 

Rose City Motorcycle Club is the oldest AMA Chartered Road Club in Oregon, tracing its roots to 1911. The century-old and family-focused biking group consists of over 200 members and meets in Beaverton, OR.

Trinity Road Riders

The Trinity Road Riders is a Christian group of experienced riders in Portland, OR. This group is the Portland chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, open to multiple denominations. 

Riders in this motorcycle group enjoy taking their bikes on various day tours and long-distance rides. In addition, the Trinity Road Riders host several annual motorcycle events, such as the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Run and the Klickitat River Run in August.

Border Riders Motorcycle Club

The Border Riders Motorcycle Club has a special focus on the LGBTQ community. The riding club offers unique social activities for its members by hosting various motorcycle touring activities.

Since its inception in 1969, the Borders Riding Motorcycle Club has been cruising the streets of Portland, OR, and other states in the U.S. It is one of the oldest clubs for gay bikers in the country and continues to provide educational opportunities for member bikers.

Gold Wing Road Riders

The Gold Wing Road Riders is another riding group with a long history. Founded in 1977, the group is the largest single-marque social club. Gold Wing Road Riders members have Honda Gold Wing or Valkyrie motorcycles, making the club exclusive to those who own these bikes. 

Today, the club has over 72,000 members in the U.S., Canada, and 53 other countries. Check out the chapter in Beaverton, Oregon!

Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association

If you are a biker looking for motorcycle riding groups in Portland, OR, with a competitive edge, the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association is the group for you. Founded in 1972, the club offers bikers the chance to participate in various off-roading events and races. 

The goal of the riding association is to bring together riders interested in trail riding, racing, and dual-sport riding. The club is open to all brands of bikes, but it has a special focus on dirt bikes. Members meet in Tualatin, OR.

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