Motorcycle Sites – North Alabama Covered Bridges

Law Tigers riders visiting Covered Bridges

The Covered Bridges Challenge was a social media challenge that went viral a few years ago, but unlike trending challenges, riders enjoyed this adventure so much that the activity is here to stay.

To help you complete the challenge, we’re sharing the top North Alabama covered bridges that you will want to add to your next motorcycle tour.

What is the Covered Bridges Challenge?

A Harley Davidson dealership started the trend by challenging riders to visit ten covered bridges. The purpose was to honor the co-owner of one of their dealerships who would visit covered bridges, photograph each site, and then post the photos on social media.

Heart warmed by the sentiment, thousands of riders got on board, and the challenge went viral.

Riders not only enjoyed supporting the riding community, but they also found that completing the challenge offered the following benefits:

  • Explore new territory
  • Experience varying road textures (including dirt roads)
  • See absolutely stunning scenery (and, of course, bridges)
  • Enjoy the company of other riders on a mission

Top 7 North Alabama Covered Bridges

If you’re feeling ambitious and have some free time, you can visit each of these motorcycle sites in a single day. The seven sites on our list will take you on a 254-mile loop, which will take just over five hours to complete. If you like to take your time and smell the roses, consider making it a two-day or weekend trip.

1. Swann Covered Bridge

Swann Bridge looks just like the bridge that Michael Keaton and Geena Davis drove through before landing in the river below, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Built in 1933, Swann Bridge takes the cake for being one of the longest-lasting covered bridges in Alabama history. The bridge is 324 feet long with plenty of cutouts to see the outdoors.  

2. Easley Covered Bridge

A mere 95 feet long, the Easley Bridge can be found in Oneonta, Alabama. It’s kept in decent repair and features a tin roof.

3. Horton Mill Covered Bridge

This covered bridge is a tall drink of water, boasting a height of 70 feet. In fact, it’s known as being the tallest covered bridge in the United States that passes over a waterway. Like the Easley Bridge, the Horton Mill Bridge can also be found in Blount County, the unofficial “covered bridge capital of Alabama.”

4. Coldwater Covered Bridge

Located in Oxford, this bridge dates back to 1850 and is the oldest covered bridge in Alabama.

5. Waldo Covered Bridge

All “where’s Waldo?” jokes aside, you can find this bridge in Waldo, Alabama! It is sometimes called the Riddle Mill Covered Bridge because it provided access to a nearby goldmine called Riddles Hole.

6. Kymulga Covered Bridge

After traversing a portion of uncovered bridge, you’ll soon enter the gaping mouth of the Kymulga Bridge’s covered portion. The mouth of the bridge has a very Instagram-worthy sign!

7. Clarkson-Legg Covered Bridge

A relatively long bridge at 270 in length, The Clarkson-Legg bridge was originally built to allow farmers and other travelers a convenient way to cross Crooked Creek. Though traffic can no longer cross it, the surrounding area has period structures, a picnic area, and hiking trails. It’s a perfect place to end your journey!

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