Motorcycles & Misfits 500th Episode Celebration in Santa Cruz, CA

Re-Cycle Santa Cruz

Join fellow fans of the Motorcycles & Misfits podcast with a group ride and live podcast recording in Santa Cruz, CA, on Saturday, December 3, and a BBQ and open house at the Re-Cycle Santa Cruz Garage Sunday, December 4. Don’t miss out on the fun for the Motorcycles & Misfits 500th Podcast Benefit.

Event Details


  • Saturday, December 3, daytime group ride, TBA
  • Saturday, December 3, live podcast recording, 418 Project theater (formerly Riverfront Movie Theater), doors open at 5 p.m., live recording 6-8 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 4, open house and BBQ event at Re-Cycle Santa Cruz, 413 Laurel St. (around back), Santa Cruz, CA, TBA


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About the Sponsor, Re-Cycle Santa Cruz

Re-Cycle Santa Cruz is a free, non-profit co-op garage open every Sunday in Santa Cruz, CA. The shop:

  • helps people learn more about repairing their own motorcycles
  • helps people access free gear from donations
  • teaches riders important safety skills

About the Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast

The Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast, hosted by the Re-Cycle Garage, features rotating guests sharing their knowledge on motorcycle repair, trends, and personal experiences and stories. Recent episodes have covered topics including electric motorcycles, space bikes designed by NASA, rare bikes, podcast games, and responses to listener inquiries.

Tune in to the Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Join Re-Cycle Santa Cruz and fellow motorcycle podcast fans for the Motorcycles & Misfits 500th Podcast Benefit ride and live recording Saturday, December 3, and at the shop for an open house and BBQ Sunday, December 4.

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