Nestucca Backcountry Byway in Oregon

Riding the Nestucca Backcountry Byway in Oregon

Did you know that one tiny corner of Oregon’s backcountry ranks among the world’s most biodiverse regions? The wooded canyon of the Nestucca River, with its weathered cliffs covered in moss and lichen, is home to an incredibly rich ecosystem.

That said, the largest animal you’ll likely come across is Homo sapiens. The canyon is stunningly beautiful — the Nestucca River is a designated Oregon State Scenic Waterway — and attracts visitors year-round.

The best way to enjoy the area is to ride the byway along the river. Check out our suggested itinerary for touring the Nestucca Backcountry Byway in Oregon and other helpful tips below.

Riding the Nestucca River Backcountry Byway

The Nestucca Backcountry Byway in Oregon runs alongside the Nestucca River between the communities of Beaver and Carlton. The entire 48-mile stretch should take around 1.5 hours to cover in one go. However, we suggest that you make a few stops along the way to take in the tree canopy and the occasional majestic views of the Oregon Coast Range.

Getting There

  • To get to the byway from Beaver:
  • Head east on Blaine Road. 
  • Keep going straight until Blaine Road becomes Upper Nestucca River Road. 
  • Follow Upper Nestucca River Road for about four miles until you reach the intersection with Bible Creek Road. 
  • Keep straight to enter the byway.
  • To access the byway from Carlton:
  • Head south on North First Street, then turn right onto East Main Street. 
  • Keep riding until East Main Street becomes Northwest Meadow Lake Road. 
  • After about 15 miles, turn left onto Northwest Bald Mountain Access Road.
  • Keep going until it becomes Bald Mountain Access Road, then turn left to get on Nestucca River Road.

Navigating the Nestucca Backcountry Byway

The byway starts at the junction of Blaine Road and the Oregon Coast Highway near Beaver. Get on Blaine Road, then take a right onto Upper Nestucca River Road, which morphs into Nestucca River Road at the intersection with Testament Creek Road. The byway runs until the junction of Northwest Meadow Lake Road and North Yamhill Street in Carlton.

Things To Do

There are a few camping sites and riverside picnic tables in the area, as well as a large turnout with a viewpoint at the top of Bald Mountain Access Road. If you enjoy a bit of off-roading, check out the Nestucca OHV Area. The local authorities say that more recreational facilities are forthcoming, but for now, you can simply go for a trek or relax and take in the forest air.


All but three miles of the Nestucca Backcountry Byway is a two-lane paved road. The pavement is in good condition overall, with occasional cracks and potholes to watch out for. As always, keep alert and drive carefully, especially on the unpaved sections. The byway can get busier on summer weekends and major holidays, so consider getting an early start to beat the crowd.

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