North Dallas Twisties

Nicely dressed motorcyclist riding in North Dallas

If you’ve been riding a motorcycle for a while, you know there’s something special about riding your bike on curvy, twisty roads. Leaning into the curves, catching the wind on your back, and feeling the thrill of regaining your balance is akin to riding a roller coaster. Thankfully, if you’re planning a motorcycle trip to North Dallas soon, you’ll be happy to know that the area is full of twists and turns to experience on your bike. 

Read on to learn the best North Dallas Twisties ride for motorcyclists and our tips for riding twisty, curvy roads. 

North Dallas Twisties Ride 

While you can find several twisty, curvy roads around North Dallas, we recommend the North Dallas Twisties ride as the best scenic route featuring these twists and turns. This route begins just north of Plano in Denton, TX. Then, it passes through a few smaller cities around Dallas, including Denton, Aubrey, Celina, Weston, and McKinney. 

The best twisties are on curvy country roads that allow riders to witness beautiful natural scenery while they navigate the route. This motorcycle route is no different. The North Dallas Twisties ride passes through the Texas countryside with sprawling fields, sparkling creeks, and sparse plant life. As you ride through the towns along this route, you’ll see historic buildings and quaint restaurants that make for the perfect rest stops. 

You can follow these steps to travel the North Dallas Twisties ride:

  1. Head north on E. Sherman Drive. 
  2. Follow E. Sherman Drive as it changes to W. Sherman Drive. 
  3. Travel north until you reach the Rt 455 junction. 
  4. Head east on Rt 455, then take the exit for Rt 94 past Celina. 
  5. Take the exit for Rt 543 until you reach McKinney. 

This route is smooth without many potholes or rough patches. However, you should make sure to get gas wherever you can, because the countryside portions of the route are pretty rural. 

Tips for Navigating Twisty Roads

If you’re a new motorcyclist, you’ll want to ensure that you fully understand the best ways to navigate twisty roads before hopping on the North Dallas Twisties route. Riding a curvy road on your motorcycle is much different from driving through in a car. If you don’t tread carefully and put your riding skills to work, you risk crashing or tipping your bike, which can be painful and damage your ride. 

First, you should understand the basic technique for riding sharp curves. As you come upon a curve, you need to reduce your speed, push your handlebar into the turn, and counterbalance to stay upright. You need to find the perfect speed to roll smoothly through the curve without toppling over. If you’re a new rider, you should practice this maneuver in an empty parking lot before trying it on an actual road. 

Here are a few additional tips to help you navigate the North Dallas Twisties ride safely: 

  • Don’t feel pressured to go faster than you feel comfortable with. Other drivers can pass you if they need to. 
  • Keep your eyes fixed on the end of the curve rather than outside of the road. 
  • Roll the throttle through each turn, then back it off once the road becomes straight. 
  • Avoid twisty roads at night, when visibility is low. 
  • Watch out for hazards as you come around sharp curves. 
  • Practice on milder curves before trying sharper ones. 
  • Learn how your bike handles, and adjust your technique as needed. 

With these tips, you’ll be all set to enjoy the North Dallas Twisties ride. 

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