Off-roading in Utah

ATV riding off road, Utah

Are you planning a trip to Utah for an off-highway vehicle (OHV) adventure? There are several exceptional trails for all skill levels to enjoy and stunning views that’ll leave you speechless. Our off-roading Utah OHV guide will help you make the most of your trip.

The Route

You can choose from several off-road courses in Utah, depending on how much time you’re willing to spend. Some routes are pretty challenging, some work well for beginners, and others offer a combination of both.

Toquerville Falls

If you want to start with an easy trail, go with Toquerville Falls. This trail leads you seven miles past La Verkin Creek and a few spectacular waterfalls where you can stop and rest. Sometimes, the creek swells due to excessive rainfall, but usually, you can ride right over it and even hop down for a quick splash.

Paiute ATV Trail

Paiute ATV Trail is the perfect off-road experience for those who have all day and want an adventure. The trail stretches for a relatively easy 18 miles, although you can explore over 2,000 miles in this labyrinthian route. Ride through the Pahvant and Tushar Mountains while enjoying the incredible views, ensuring you stay safe with the Paiute ATV Trail app.

Hotel Rock

Hotel Rock is a moderately difficult four-mile route, offering you a thrill with your off-roading Utah OHV. You’ll ride through the desert landscape, across sandy washes, and up tricky rock formations. The trail features some highly technical sections, an ancient Anasazi lookout, and archeological digs.

Maze Overlook

It’s called the Maze for a reason: This trail features tight curves, hairpins, and an unusual variety of terrain in Canyonlands National Park. The 13-mile hike is moderately challenging and offers many trail options once you get there. You’ll want to drive carefully and bring your camera.

Sand Mountain

When you think of dune riding, you probably envision something like the Sand Mountain open OHV area. This location is a must-visit if you go off-roading in Utah, with massive dunes and 5,000 acres of wide-open terrain. You don’t need advanced skills to have fun, but you’ll need some OHV experience to head up Sand Mountain, the biggest dune in the Great Basin.

The Sights

You don’t have to ride far to see Utah’s unrivaled sights. Here are some of our favorite places to visit.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Do you want to see some hoodoos? Hoodoos are peculiar rock columns, and Bryce Canyon National Park has the largest concentration of them on the planet. Take your off-roading Utah OHV trip to the canyon and bask in this indescribable sight.

Zion National Park

Visit Zion National Park and take a walk down the paths of American history. Long ago, pioneers and Native Americans used the trails and witnessed the same breathtaking sandstone cliffs and wild beauty of the slot canyon. Along the way, you’ll see plenty of intriguing plants and animals that make the park special.    

Salt Lake City

If you get tired of Utah’s vast, unpopulated areas, head toward the state’s capital. You’ll find plenty to see and do in and around Salt Lake City. You can spend all day walking around and visiting attractions like:

  • Natural History Museum of Utah
  • Red Butte Garden
  • Temple Square
  • City Creek Center
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Great Salt Lake
  • Liberty Park

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