Our Favorite Motorcycle Rides Near San Antonio

Motorcycle rides San Antonio

San Antonio, TX, is a beautifully diverse city with numerous routes ideal for an afternoon motorcycle ride. Whether you live near San Antonio or are planning a visit soon, we highly recommend taking a ride on one of the city’s scenic motorcycle routes and enjoying the enchanting desert scenery. 

While there are dozens of top-tier routes near San Antonio that offer excellent views and terrain for motorcyclists, here is a list of our top four favorite motorcycle rides near San Antonio. 

Texas Pig Path Ride

60 miles

The Texas Pig Path Ride is a scenic route that traverses Texas ranch country and a few historical sites. This 60-mile route follows Turtle Creek to Guadalupe River, offering sparkling views of some of the city’s prettiest bodies of water. You’ll also travel through a few tree tunnels and across low-water crossings on this route. 

The Texas Pig Path Ride is especially suitable for beginners, as the route is entirely smooth and paved throughout. You can start the course near Quiet Valley Ranch and end in Luckenbach near the Full Moon Inn Bed and Breakfast. Be sure to fuel up beforehand, as there aren’t many pull-off areas on this route. 

The San Antonio Loop Around

33 miles

The San Antonio Loop Around is one of the most famous scenic motorcycle routes near San Antonio. This loop spans 33 miles, making it an excellent short route for a late afternoon ride. The entire loop should take you no more than an hour and reveal several breathtaking nature views throughout. 

Near the beginning of the loop, you’ll travel past a few luxury properties with high-end homes. However, as you transition into the latter half of the route, the road will become slightly more secluded and narrower, showcasing beautiful views of rolling Texas hills, valleys, and cliffs. You’ll also see a few ponds along the way. 

The San Antonio Loop is mostly paved and smooth with little traffic. However, you’ll want to take caution as you traverse a few narrow, tight bends in the road.  

Twisted Sisters

170 miles

The “Twisted Sisters” are three roads near San Antonio that form a scenic loop perfect for motorcyclists. These three roads include TX 335, TX 336, and TX 337, which create a loop of approximately 170 miles.

This route starts in Medina, an excellent location to fuel up and grab a bite to eat before your long ride. Eventually, you’ll enter the town of Leaky, where you can fuel up again and eat lunch. We also recommend packing your swimsuit, as a few swimming holes and rivers along the way make for perfect breaks in the route. 

Finally, you’ll enter Camp Wood before looping back to your starting point. The Twisted Sisters loop is significantly longer than the other routes on our list, so you’ll want to prepare accordingly. Additionally, a few blind curves and back-country paths make this route more suitable for intermediate or experienced riders.  

Del Rio Secluded Desert Loop 

73 miles 

The Del Rio Secluded Desert Loop is a moderate loop that showcases some of the most beautiful desert scenery around San Antonio. The ride is mostly flat, taking you through the Texas countryside and past green and brown scenic views. 

If you’re a fan of twisties and sweepers, you’ll appreciate the intricate curves on this route. Otherwise, the road is relatively smooth and beginner-friendly. However, this route is secluded, with no gas stations along the way. You’ll want to fuel up at the beginning of your trip. 

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