Our Favorite West Texas Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle trip to West Texas

If you’re a motorcyclist, you know the thrill and enjoyment of riding through spectacularly scenic areas on your motorcycle. West Texas offers beautiful scenery and lazy country roads that make for a great ride on your bike. If you’re passing through the area soon, you’ll want to take note of some of the best motorcycle roads in Texas hill country. 

Willow City Loop

Willow City Loop is a short scenic drive through West Texas that offers breathtaking scenery of the Texas countryside. While this route is beautiful in any season, it’s the most spectacular in the spring, when wildflowers are in bloom. Willow City Loop is well-known for its eye-catching wildflower views, featuring aptly named Texas bluebonnets. 

This scenic loop spans 13 miles through hills, over creeks, and past lush meadows. The entire loop is located within Willow City, an unincorporated community with a population of just 168.

Willow City is around 12 miles northeast of Fredricksburg. You can access the route from Fredricksburg by heading north on S.R. 16, then east on Ranch Road 1323.  

Please note: the land within this loop is privately owned, and the owners request no stopping, parking, or exploring along the way. 

Lonesome Highway

Lonesome Highway is a breathtaking scenic drive recently named the “best drive in Texas.” It offers stunning views of the Guadalupe Mountains, a remote, quiet atmosphere, and surrounding scenery of the Texan desert. 

This scenic drive is aptly named Lonesome Highway because of its quiet, serene, almost abandoned feeling. When you ride your motorcycle down this road, you’ll likely encounter only a few other vehicles. However, the lack of traffic gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery around you. 

The Lonesome Highway spans 59 miles, leading up to the Guadalupe Mountains. You can get to this motorcycle route by heading west on Highway 285 until you get to the Highway 180 junction. 

Davis Mountains Scenic Loop

The Davis Mountains Scenic Loop is a 75-mile loop through the Davis Mountains. This mountain range emerged millions of years ago from volcanic activity, creating 8,000-foot peaks and lush, green hills. These mountains create an awe-inspiring contrast with the flat countryside around them. 

The loop begins in Fort Davis, a city with plenty of attractions to enjoy before setting out on your motorcycle trip. For example, you can check out the Marfa Lights Viewing Station, which provides views of the unexplained “mystery lights” that appear along the Chihuahuan desert. 

Near the beginning of your road trip, you’ll enter Davis Mountains State Park. This 2,700-acre park features several scenic overlooks of the Davis Mountains, allowing you to stop, stretch your legs, and enjoy the beautiful mountain views. 

You’ll drive past deep canyons, colorful wildflowers, and native wildlife through the remainder of the loop. The loop should take around an hour and a half to complete without stops, but we recommend dedicating an entire afternoon to enjoying one of the best West Texas motorcycle rides. 

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive 

Big Bend National Park is a southwest Texas national park surrounding the Chisos mountain range and a portion of the Chihuahuan Desert. If you’re looking for a scenic drive through this sprawling national park, we recommend the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. 

This 30-mile drive provides views of several habitats throughout the park, including the western Chisos Mountains. It also takes you to Sotol Vista, which offers outstanding views of the park’s scenery below. 

This paved route provides excellent conditions for motorcyclists, making it one of the best west Texas motorcycle rides overall. 

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