Phoenix Motorcycle Auctions

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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, attending motorcycle auctions is an effective way to score a high-quality bike for a great deal. Auctions also offer an excellent opportunity to meet other motorcyclists in the Phoenix area and spend an afternoon sharing your love for the ride. 

Read on to learn more about Phoenix motorcycle auctions.

How to Prepare For a Motorcycle Auction

Motorcycle auctions are typically fast-paced and exhilarating. If you don’t thoroughly prepare for your auction, you risk spending too much on a bike or making an impulse purchase that you may regret down the line. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a motorcycle auction: 

  • Review inventory in advance: Many auctions allow you to browse inventory before the actual bidding begins. Others display their stock online for you to review before auction day. In either case, be sure to review the inventory ahead of time to narrow down the bikes you’re interested in. 
  • Research bike models and values: Unless you’re a seasoned motorcycle-buying expert, you probably don’t know off-hand how much every motorcycle make and model is worth. Researching values beforehand can help you understand what bids are a good deal and which could waste your money. 
  • Create a budget: If you don’t set a budget in advance, you can easily get caught up in a bidding war and spend several thousand dollars over what you intended. Instead, we recommend creating a budget and sticking to it once you arrive at the auction. 

Online vs. In-Person Auctions

The digital age has encouraged many auction houses to transition from in-person auctions to online ones. Both of these auction types follow the same general principles: 

  • You and other participants can bid against each other in real-time
  • The person with the highest bid after a specific amount of time wins the bike

Some online auction companies also offer asynchronous bidding, in which participants can bid at their convenience. After a designated time, such as 24 hours or one week, the highest bidder wins the inventory. 

The Best Motorcycle Auctions in Phoenix

Here are a few of the best motorcycle auction companies in Phoenix:

CrashedToys Phoenix

CrashedToys is an auction company that auctions off motorcycles, Powersports bikes, RVs, boats, and other vehicles across the country. Despite its name, CrashedToys sells both salvage and clean title vehicles. 

CrashedToys has an auction house in Phoenix on 51st Avenue. The company holds auctions on multiple days each week, and you can register for them online. You can also view current inventory online before showing up to an auction to know what you’d like to bid on in advance. 

Salvage Bikes Auction

Salvage Bikes Auction is a website that advertises salvage motorcycles that are currently up for auction. You can limit your vehicle search by location, allowing you to view motorcycles for sale within the Phoenix area. 

Salvage Bikes Auction is an entirely online auction house. The company offers both live and asynchronous auctions, allowing you to choose the option that suits your schedule. You can review the inventory and submit a bid at your convenience or participate in a live auction and bid against others in real-time. 

When you purchase a bike in the Phoenix area, you can pick it up yourself or schedule a delivery. 

Sierra Auction

Sierra Auction is an auction company with two locations in Arizona: one on Grand Avenue in Phoenix and one on Highway Drive in Tucson. This auctioneer holds several auctions each month for a wide range of inventory, including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, home goods, and more. 

You can view Sierra Auction’s schedule online to learn the dates of upcoming motorcycle auctions. Then, you can bid online ahead of time or attend the auction in person. 

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