Ride the Ennis to Bear Trap Canyon Hog Loop Near Bozeman

motorcycle  ride from Ennis to Bear Trap Canyon near Bozeman

The small town of Ennis, Montana, with its less than 1,000 residents and old-time western charm, is the perfect destination for a weekend motorcycle trip.

Ennis nestles in a scenic valley surrounded by three mountain ranges — Maddison Range, Gravelly Range, and Tobacco Root Mountains — which provide an abundance of opportunities for riding and outdoor activities.

If you want to challenge yourself, ride from Ennis to Bear Trap Canyon near Bozeman and brave the Bear Trap Canyon hiking trail before hopping back on your bike to close the loop in Ennis. You’ll sleep like a baby that night!

Directions to Bear Trap Canyon in Montana

From Ennis, ride 6.6 miles northeast on Highway 287 to McAllister, then take the gravel road to reach the trail’s south access.

For the north access, ride Highway 287 eight miles east of Norris, then continue south of Red Mountain Campground for around three miles to reach the gravel Bear Trap Road.

About Bear Trap Trail near Bozeman Montana

The best thing about this trail is that you can customize the level of difficulty to your liking. You can hike the full 15-miles round trip to the Madison Dam Powerhouse or take the seven-mile round journey to Bear Trap Creek.

The elevation gain is 50 to 500 feet, and the duration is three to seven hours, depending on which route you choose. Expect moderate to heavy foot traffic on weekends and in the warmer months.

Bear Trap Canyon Trail follows Madison River along the canyon and periodically drops to meet the river, giving you an opportunity to splash your face and refill your water bottle (but make sure to filter the water first!).

Before setting out on the trail, check that you’ve packed your bear spray. As you hike, watch out for poison ivy and rattlesnakes (and bears). 

If you’re hiking in the winter, you may be able to navigate the first leg of the trail to Bear Trap Creek with the right gear. Beyond that, however, the ice and rocks make the route unsafe. 

Fish for Rainbow Trout on the Madison River

Bear Trap Canyon near Bozeman offers excellent fishing opportunities year-round. Madison River is home to large schools of first-class brown and rainbow trout, making it a popular destination for anglers. You can fish from the hiking trail as well.

Campsites line the first half of the route, so feel free to turn the hike into a proper campout if you want.

If you’re spending the night in Ennis, be sure to explore around town after riding back from the hike. The town is home to numerous restaurants and cozy cafes. You may also want to check out the Outdoor Art Tour, which is the perfect excuse to stroll leisurely through town and learn about the local community.

If you’re a history buff, the Madison Valley Historical Museum is also a must. The exhibition, which features a working blacksmith shop among other historic attractions, will send you back in time to the town’s gold rush days. Interestingly, there is also quite a lot of material on a mysterious creature that roamed the area and terrified the locals in 1886. As the story goes, a wolf-like creature roamed the valley and killed livestock causing terror to ensue. A Mormon settler’s rifle ended the monster’s life but tales are still told.

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