Ride the Mercer Island Loop in Winter

Mercer Island Loop

In the hustle and bustle of a busy weekday, do you sometimes daydream of peaceful green landscapes, complete with rolling hills and beautiful water views? If that’s a yes, you may be in for a surprise. The place from your vision is only a quick ride from Seattle. Its name? The Mercer Island Loop. Our team at Law Tigers is not just your trusted network of motorcycle attorneys—we’re bikers ourselves. Riding through Mercer Island is one of our all-time favorite day trips in the Pacific Northwest, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know to plan your excursion.

About the Mercer Island Loop

The Mercer Island Loop is a scenic 13.4-mile circular drive along the coastline of Mercer Island in Washington. Even though it’s close to the city, the island is a peaceful rural community with abundant green spaces and waterfront vistas.


Mercer Island is just a few minutes from Seattle, so there is usually no need to plan your trip days or even hours in advance. To get there, ride down I-90, cross the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, pass through a couple of tunnels, and voila! You’ve reached your destination. 

The Loop itself starts at Lid Park on the island’s northwest tip. You can ride in either direction before eventually returning to the starting point and heading back to Seattle.

The Ride

The numerous twists and turns along the way reveal some gorgeous vistas. In clear weather from the floating bridge, you should be able to see:

  • Mount Baker to the north
  • Mount Rainier to the south
  • Cascade Range and Glacier Peak to the east

The most exciting leg of the Loop for bikers is a section of East Mercer Way that packs in exhilarating sharp turns over a relatively short distance. The speed limit is a very reasonable 25 to 30 mph, but riding through this section feels a lot faster due to the tight turns. 

If you are a newbie motorcyclist, you’ll appreciate the first 10 miles of the Mercer Island Loop. This stretch has no stop signs or traffic lights, so it makes for a great training ride to test your skills. 

Mercer Island Loop Activities

Don’t go to Mercer Island just for the Loop: There’s more to explore and enjoy. If you are hungry, make your way to Island Crest Way. This road is Mercer Island’s economic artery and has many food venues and even a bike shop. You can access it from North Mercer Way on 84th Ave SE toward the end of the Loop.

Homegrown is a local chain with a great selection of sandwiches and snacks. You may also want to check out the historic Roanoke Inn on the northern tip of the island, which has been serving customers since 1914.

If you just want to relax and take in the views, ride to Luther Burbank Park, a 73-acre waterfront park with incredible vistas of Lake Washington. Find a bench and lose yourself in the view!

Preparing for Your Ride

Mercer Island Loop is a popular getaway destination. Expect a lot of pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic on weekends, especially if the sun is out. You should also keep in mind that homes line the Loop road. Watch out for intersections and hidden driveways. The local police often patrol the Mercer Island Loop, so be sure to stay within the speed limit.

Had a Motorcycle Accident? Call Law Tigers

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