Ride the Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway

Mount Evans landscape view

If you’re planning a road trip to the Rocky Mountains, you’ll want to make time for the Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway. This byway spans under 30 miles, making it an easy there-and-back trip to complete in an afternoon. However, its breathtaking mountain views and high elevations make it a memorable route for drivers and motorcyclists. 

What Is Mount Evans? 

Mount Evans is a mountain peak in Clear Creek County, Colorado. This mountain has the highest peak in the Mount Evans Wilderness, reaching an elevation of 14,265 feet. 

Mount Evans Recreational Area offers plenty of attractions and activities to experience the natural beauty around the mountain. You can hike on nature trails, view wildlife and scenery, rent a bicycle, and participate in outdoor learning at interpretive areas. Of course, you can also ride your motorcycle in and around the recreational area. 

You must make a reservation and pay a fee to enter the recreational area. This fee also gives you access to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. 

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a 28-mile road that climbs over 7,000 feet from start to finish, reaching an altitude of 14,130 feet. This byway is the highest paved road in North America, offering unique, unforgettable views of the landscape below. 

The byway begins in Idaho Springs. You can follow these directions to navigate the Mount Evans Scenic Byway:

  1. From I-70, take exit 240 toward Idaho Springs. 
  2. Ride along Highway 103 south until you reach Echo Lake. 
  3. Follow Highway 5 to the top of Mount Evans. 

You should dedicate around 45 minutes to riding this byway without any stops. However, you may want to stop and stretch your legs and a few overlooks along the byway. Additionally, your route may take additional time if there is much traffic around you. 

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway ends at a parking lot near the remains of Crest House, a gift shop that burned down in 1979. From there, you can turn around and head back down the mountain. 

Tips for Riding the Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway

As we mentioned, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road on the entire continent. While the road is completely paved, it doesn’t include guardrails at every twist and turn. Some sharp turns could be dangerous for new motorcyclists who don’t feel confident handling twisties. 

As a result, we recommend taking the utmost caution when you ride the Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway. Even if you’re an experienced biker, you’ll want to take the curves slowly, pay close attention to the road in front of you, and watch out for other motorists. 

We also recommend fueling up before you set out on the route. While the byway spans only 28 miles, there aren’t any gas stations along the way. You should ensure that you have plenty of gas in case you get lost or encounter another problem on the byway. 

Finally, be sure to only stop at designated overlooks and resting points along this scenic route. The entire byway is beautiful, and you may be tempted to stop in random locations along the way to take photos and soak in the scenery. However, stopping on the road could put you in the path of other motorists, making you vulnerable to a crash.

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