Ride Your Motorcycle Out to Lake Valley, a New Mexico Ghost Town

Old Schoolhouse at Lake Valley, a New Mexico Ghost Town

Nothing beats a classic American road trip, following routes you’ve only seen on postcards. New Mexico is one state in particular that offers some incredible motorcycle rides. If you’re ever riding through the Land of Enchantment, you must ride to the Lake Valley ghost town. 

Some motorcycle rides focus on the journey, but the road to Lake Valley is about the destination. A day trip to this historic ghost town will transport you back in time to catch a glimpse of America’s legendary Old West. Lake Valley offers an experience unlike any other!

The Route to Lake Valley, NM

Getting to Lake Valley Historic Townsite from any city will take a while. The closest large cities are El Paso (TX), Albuquerque (NM), and Tucson (AZ)—all of which are several hours away. Here are the routes you can follow to get to the ghost town.

From El Paso, TX:

  • Get on Interstate 10, heading west
  • Follow I-10 and Interstate 25
  • Take exit 41 toward Hatch, NM
  • Follow State Route 26 and State Route 27 to County Road BO05 in Hillsboro, NM

From Albuquerque, NM:

  • Get on Interstate 25, heading south
  • Follow I-25 South until you reach State Route 152 in Sierra County
  • Take exit 63 onto Rt. 152 heading south
  • Continue on Rt. 152 until you reach Hillsboro
  • Turn left onto County Road 27 and then County Road BO05

From Tucson, AZ:

  • Get on Interstate 10, heading east
  • Take exit 82A in Deming, NM
  • Follow Rt. 26 and Rt. 27, heading north
  • Turn onto County Road BO05 in Hillsboro

History of Lake Valley, NM

Lake Valley ghost town sits in the southwestern region of New Mexico. In 1878, a rancher living nearby discovered silver, which led to the creation of a mining camp. Several mining companies bought the area after a couple of years and turned the place into a town with thousands of residents.

For over a decade, Lake Valley prospered with its precious metal production. However, the town dried up and died out as silver deposits dwindled, and people started to panic. World War II brought life back to the mines to support war efforts, but this didn’t last long.

Lake Valley’s post office closed its doors in 1955, signaling the end of hope for this fading township. Some folks still lived in the area, holding onto the place so many used to call home. But in 1994, the final resident left.

Once a thriving community, Lake Valley is now a popular tourist destination and occasional setting for movies. The ghost town offers a window into the Wild West and what life was like during the late 1800s. When planning your motorcycle trip to New Mexico, put this landmark on your bucket list.

Things To Do and See on Your Lake Valley Ride

The Lake Valley ghost town brings America’s rich history to life. You can visit a preserved schoolhouse and chapel dating back to the early 1900s or ride through abandoned mining and ranching country from the 1880s. Most buildings have already crumbled, but a few still bear the memory of this once-prosperous township.

If you have time, ride down the Lake Valley Backcountry Byway for an hour through New Mexico’s breathtaking landscape. You can enjoy fantastic vistas of the Mimbres Mountains, Caballo Mountains, Cooke’s Range, and Sierra Grande. You’ll also find plenty of wildlife and hiking opportunities.  

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