Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day on June 19

Motorcycle Ride in June 19

National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day 2023 is Monday, June 19. It will be the last time that Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day falls on a Monday, as going forward, this event will take place on the second Tuesday in June. This annual ride raises awareness for the popularity of two-wheeled vehicles as a form of transportation rather than just for recreation or hobby riding.

Event Details

When: Monday, June 19, 2023, all day

Where: Nationwide across the U.S.

The annual Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day event strives to inform the general public about the benefits of using motorcycles and scooters for transportation. Smaller two-wheeled vehicles can greatly reduce traffic and parking congestion if more people ride their bikes for their daily commute.

Ride to Work wants riders to hop on their bikes during National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day 2023 and demonstrate:

  • How many people ride motorcycles
  • That people from all lifestyles and careers ride motorcycles
  • That large cities can benefit from motorcycle commuters who reduce traffic congestion
  • That motorcycles provide great transportation

About Ride to Work

Ride to Work was organized as a 501(c)(4) in 2000 after eight years of grassroots Ride to Work events, beginning with the first Ride to Work Day on July 22, 1992. The first official Ride to Work Day run by the nonprofit organization was the third Wednesday in July of 2001. This year marks 31 years of Ride to Work Day events.

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Don’t forget to ride your motorcycle or scooter to work on National Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day 2023 this year on June 19.

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